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Leave the library grind, find a more creative study spot this exam season

The library, during midterms and finals, acts like a magnet for college students, attracting studiers of all types-- the all-nighters, the regulars and those scrambling to understand a whole semester of work. But, sometimes the plethora of people studying — or talking — in the library is enough to distract you from your own work. This is when you should explore the boundaries of Rutgers and the city of New Brunswick for your own workspaces. 

Hidden Grounds 

This place is the spot for all coffee lovers. The owners and baristas have crafted the perfect ambiance for working hard and playing hard. From the choice of music to the ample amount of workspace, both Hidden Grounds locations are great for getting work done on your own or bringing a group of friends. 

Kilmer's Market 

This is the perfect spot to place to get some work done on a warm day. Because it's close to many class buildings and the bus stop, you can grab a quick lunch and get some last minute work done before rushing to class.


Starbucks is a classic work environment. It's the most versatile spot around campus, adaptable to how long you have allotted to work. Whether you are there for a quick caffeine infusion or need a place to focus for hours, there are few better places.  

The Academic Building

The new building, off of College Avenue, has become one of the more popular spots aside from the library. This building is ideal if you have classes there or nearby and need a semi-quiet work-space in the middle of the day. Just be prepared to hunt for a spot because it can get busy during peak times.

The Yard @ College Avenue

Whether you're grabbing a quick lunch or soaking up the last of the summer's sunshine, this place is great to take a seat on a nice day or tuck away in its indoor section with a snack. 

The New Brunswick Public Library

Open to the public seven days a week, the NBPL is an underused resource on the Banks. It's just a short walk from the Mason Gross Visual Arts building and its second-floor reading room is the perfect place to nestle into long assignments.

So, when you start feeling nauseous imagining yourself trapped inside the library, know there are alternative locales perfect for productivity. 

Brittany Gibson

Morgan Rue

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