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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | October 20, 2017



At approximately $658 million, Rutgers University’s research and development budget is the largest in the state and parallels that of other major research schools in the nation. Aresty research is the University’s main undergraduate research program and currently, holds research opportunities from over 100 departments ranging from STEM to the humanities and social sciences. We laurel the University and the Aresty Research Program for giving students the opportunity to take part in meaningful research.


A bill which includes a $3.3 billion cut to the Pell Grant program has been approved by Congress, and the Senate is scheduled to vote on it on Dec. 10. This bill could severely hinder the University’s ability to maintain its success in promoting economic diversity and college accessibility — a category in which Rutgers beats out all of its fellow Big Ten members. We dart this cut to the Pell Grant program for making it harder to help students in need of an affordable education.


Paul Rando, a 2015 Rutgers graduate, is the fundraising manager of Trade-ing Up, a new nonprofit aiming to create a sustainable system for young adults in rural Ghana and allow them to have access to trade educations that they normally would not. Through the organization’s Sponsor-a-Student program, a total of about $368 will cover the cost of a student’s apprenticeship fee, school supplies, uniform, sewing machine and a meal every day. We laurel Rando for being a part of such a meaningful cause and helping to spread the values that Rutgers promotes.


The Department of Journalism and Media Studies hosted an event titled “What is ‘Hate Speech’? Definitions, Laws, Solutions” on Wednesday to discuss what hate speech is, where it comes from and its nature in American society. The informative talks were given by Department of Journalism and Media Studies Chair Susan Keith and professors David Greenberg and John Pavlik. Greenberg said that offensive speech is a common concern that Americans deal with. We dart the prevalence of hateful and offensive speech and the fact that it is even necessary to host events explaining this.


The New Jersey Universal Healthcare Coalition (NJUHC) sponsored a health care forum last Saturday that took place in the School of Management and Labor Relations building. Attendees were able to hear from some of New Jersey’s candidates for lieutenant governor about their perspectives on the future of healthcare. Considering the upcoming gubernatorial election, it is especially important for people to be aware of prospective health care policy choices. We laurel the NJUHC for working to keep students and voters informed for election day.


The Rutgers University Police Department is currently investigating an alleged sexual assault that occurred last Friday around 4:30 p.m. in the Mettler Residence Hall. The victim reported to authorities that an unknown and unwelcome male entered her room and allegedly began attempting to kiss and grope her. The perpetrator has not yet been identified and has added to an unsafe atmosphere. We dart the environment that forces women to be continually on edge even in the comfort of their own residence halls.

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