WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | October 27, 2017



The Division of Student Affairs has introduced a new campaign to the Rutgers community which aims to promote a more inclusive campus. This campaign works to create an environment of respect and affirm the inherent dignity, value and uniqueness of all individuals, communities and perspectives that Rutgers has to offer. This is being done through multiple initiatives, including the #RUIDProject which is meant to highlight the many diverse identities and experiences of the University’s student body. We laurel the Division of Student Affairs and all organizations, faculty and students working with it to foster and maintain a community of compassion and diversity on campus.


Yesterday, the Republican gubernatorial nominee, Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno, voiced her strong opposition to "sanctuary" immigration policies, citing a series of raids carried out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Middlesex County to deport undocumented immigrants. Guadagno has also stated that, if elected, she would seek to withhold state funding for cities in N.J. that adopt "sanctuary city" policies. As a University that proudly supports our fellow students, documented citizens or not, we understand that diversity is what makes us great. With that said, we dart Guadagno's stance on immigration and her policies of exclusion.


Rutgers’ graduation rates are well above the national average for public universities. Nearly 59 percent of Rutgers students graduate in four years and 80.2 percent graduate in six. Considering the costs of attending college, many students across the nation have difficulty juggling their school and their jobs to help pay for it. We laurel Rutgers for its success in helping struggling students stay afloat financially so that they can obtain their degree and continue to benefit society.


A series of recruitment posters for a white supremacist group known as Identity Evropa were found plastered on multiple Rutgers—New Brunswick campuses on Monday. These flyers contained the slogan, “Our Generation, Our Future, Our Last Chance.” These same flyers led to a heated protest at New York University last month. On the same day that these flyers were found at Rutgers, a video was recorded showing a hand-written “Black Lives Don’t Matter” sign glued to the inside of an EE bus. We dart the people involved with spreading these unsettling messages, as well as their hateful and dangerous ideologies that only work to divide us.


Last Friday, "PinkOUT" was held at The Yard @ College Avenue. The area was draped in pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month to bring the cause to mind and build support for donations. Hosted in part by the RWJ Fitness and Wellness Center, the event ended with an hour-long Zumba session to promote healthy living. We laurel RWJBarnabas Health and the other organizers of the "PinkOUT" event for working hard to spread awareness of breast cancer and pushing us closer to finding a cure.


Two different aggravated assaults occurred this past weekend and both individuals were sent to the hospital for with injuries. At approximately 2:20 a.m. on Saturday, a University-affiliated victim was allegedly approached and assaulted by a group of males on Bishop Place near College Avenue. On Sunday at approximately 1 a.m., an unaffiliated victim was allegedly assaulted with a sharp object while attempting to intervene in an altercation between two strangers on High Street. We dart the members of the community that have created this seemingly dangerous environment and made students feel unsafe on their own campus.

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