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BOZTEPE: Unions are necessary for fixing jobs crisis

Opinions Column: Kaanotations

The United States must help its citizens find work again. To do this, we must first create more jobs and ensure that these new sectors will increase the job influx without affecting the current sectors. The U.S. government must lay out a plan that has specific criteria, such as which class of workers are the most unemployed, how these job policies will be funded, if we can ensure that the policies and new sectors will be beneficial and sustainable, what we can expect after a year and lastly, what is the projected amount of jobs we can expect from any new jobs and or sectors. But if the U.S. wants to drop their unemployment rate as well as help those in the lower and middle-income brackets, then we must also renew the payroll tax and qualifications of unions.

Before we begin to create jobs, we must first stabilize the market and provide aid to poorer states. During the previous presidential administration, former President Barack Obama passed the Economic Stimulus Package that ended the Great Recession and, according to some, protected over roughly 2 million jobs. The legislation worked thanks to cutting down the taxes along with extending unemployment benefits. This combination helped create new jobs thanks to grants and loans that were easier to obtain, meaning the employees were able to look for new jobs while paying off any debt they might have had. This piece of legislation also helped in the education and health care sector, protecting many of their jobs and maintaining those jobs in a very difficult economic time in the U.S. But under President Donald J. Trump’s administration there is currently no sign of any renovations on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Instead, the current administration is mostly focused on changing the health care program and tax regulations. 

To add onto the previous topic of legislation, we will have to break down how the policy will be funded. The current administration has to know which markets to inject money into, and where to cut spending so that our job influx can rise, taxes can become stable and more states can have increased aid to strengthen their business sectors. Also, if the administration does not choose to create new legislations that can achieve this, they can just renew and grow the current job creating programs that are available in the country.

Also, the electric and solar energy programs are now on the rise thanks to influential philanthropists, such as Elon Musk. Musk is renovating the way people globally use energy, and he is working out of the U.S. Thanks to this, the energy sector now also introduces Tesla solar roofs, electric cars, wind turbine technicians, sustainable builders and clean car engineers. The influx of these new jobs, along with the rise of gas prices, causes more people to shift to hybrids and electric cars. Since less people will now be spending money on gas, and with electric being cheaper and lasting longer, many people will begin to save money. Also, as the growth of renewable energy jobs and resources continue to grow, the prices for electric cars and other renewable energy resources will drop and the green power sector will grow along with potential jobs. 

Kaan Jon Boztepe is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore double majoring in philosophy and history. His column, "Kaanotations," runs on alternate Fridays. 


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