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Lovehoney launches sex-positive e-book for college students


One of the classic cliches people hear during their college careers is that college is an opportunity for sexual exploration. And it’s true: many of us will have had sex at some point during our four-years. Sex education is rarely offered on college campuses, and by freshman year, you’ve already had those awkward birds-and-the-bees, safe sex conversations with your parents and educators. Pleasure-wise, our first sexual encounters often define our relationship with and beliefs about sex well into our adulthood. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Lovehoney — self-described as the sexual happiness people — is a sex-positive company that got its start selling toys, lingerie and other exotic gifts online. In partnership with Eileen Kelly, an up-and-coming sex educator and Instagram personality, Lovehoney has created “UNI:SEX", an e-book that serves as the ultimate guide for students on how to have happy, healthy sex lives. After researching the subject on lots of university websites, the Lovehoney team noticed that while there would often be essential advice about consent, safety and sexual health, there was virtually no information that took on the conversation of sex for pleasure. 

“For many young adults, college represents the first time they fully explore sex and sexuality,” said Nick Ellis, head of content for Lovehoney. “So we thought the e-book would be a good way to help educate students about not only safety, consent and sexual health, but also help to empower them to make the most of their sex lives at college.”

Available online at no cost, “UNI:SEX” covers every topic from consent and contraception, to sexual confidence. Many universities offer ample resources when it comes to having safe sex, but not enough information on having fun, comfortable sex. Many students might feel uncomfortable confiding in school medical practitioners over common pleasure problems, such as pain during orgasm and erectile issues. 

Traditional sexual health conversations are also often heteronormative and primarily focused on penetrative sex. “UNI:SEX” answers virtually any question a sexually active student might have, from how to enjoy sex with a condom to how to resolve vaginal dryness and discomfort. The e-book isn’t a corny textbook or pamphlet either — with relatable content and a genuine, sex-positive message, “UNI:SEX”  is a sexy educational tool. Sex is a common topic of casual conversation among college students, and because it offers valuable information for a great sex life,  “UNI:SEX” can help students get comfortable with talking about their needs accurately and confidently. 

“We know that having a healthy, happy sex life can have huge impact on your mental health, yet for many young people their first sexual experiences can be marred by a lack of knowledge about how to have and enjoy good sex,” said Sammi Cole, Lovehoney’s resident lingerie and sex expert. “This book allows students to explore their sexuality and really get under the skin of what turns them on — and hopefully, in turn, allows them to have the best sex possible.”

Just because you’re having sex, doesn’t mean you’re done learning. “UNI:SEX” is available as a PDF and is compatible with most handheld devices, so safe and enjoyable sex tips are truly in the palm of your hands. When it comes to pleasure, there should be no compromise: safe sex is imperative to your health, and good sex is essential for your happiness. 

Clarissa Gordon

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