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New semester, new you? U. students get real about their fall resolutions

The first few weeks of school are meant for adjustment, a time to get back in the habits formed in past school years or to form new ones. Students who have been around the block a few times have recognized their best and worst tendencies, and they were willing to share some new goals they have set for themselves this semester. A common theme among the responses was the aim to not let time go to waste, either inside the classroom or out of it. Here are just a few new semester resolutions from your peers.

“A goal I have this year is to create more lasting relationships with people. School isn’t the easiest place to make friends, especially with a school so big. But making friends with people you can relate with is a serious goal for me, to get away from the monotony of school," said Toyin Fadahunsi, a Rutgers Business School junior. 

“To be present and enjoy my last year. To take it all in, but also grind. GRIND," said 

- Aylin Üncü, c/o 2019, SAS

“For this semester I really want to focus on managing my time. Last year I had a job and went to the gym and class but I didn’t balance it well, I never made time for me. Now I want to make sure I take time to make sure I’m good because school and all these responsibilities can take a huge toll mentally," said Autumn Thomas, a School of Arts and Sciences junior. 

“To be a shark, because sharks must swim constantly or they die. So I must be a shark, always in constant motion to get to where I’m destined to be going," said Sincere Estrada, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences junior.  

“My resolution for this school year is to practice more and just do better overall and prepare for half-recital at the end of the year.”

- Emeri Shintai, c/o 2020, Mason Gross

“A few goals I have are to push academically and get out of my comfort zone, in order to grow intellectually. If I don't challenge myself, then my four years here will have been a waste. I want to make sure I can also balance other necessary things in my life such as working out and going out with friends, to maintain physical health and grow social competence. Last year I didn't do that and I was a bit of a mess. [I also want to] be able to contribute more to my extracurriculars, because hopefully, I’ll go into work in line with those activities," said Jonathan Varghese, a Rutgers Business School sophomore. 

“One goal I’m setting is just to stay on top of my work as it comes and not set any long-term goals for grades. When I do that I tend to save stuff for the last minute.”

- Brianna Bornstein, c/o 2020, SC&I

“So a couple of goals I have for this semester all really line up with one another. I want to first and foremost discipline myself in my routine. Start my day early and end it at a decent time so I can have a good routine going. I also want to grow as a person and academic. I really want to focus on being open to spaces, events, people, and knowledge itself regardless if it’s coming from the classroom, a professor or a friend. Lastly, I want to focus on being true to myself and be grounded in my identity and person.”

- Manal Barbar, c/o 2020, SAS

From building healthy habits to recognizing bad ones, a new semester is a new chance to grow, learn and thrive. Take yours.

Jordan Levy

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