COMMENTARY: Why I am running to be Mayor

Today is one of the most important days for the City of New Brunswick, as residents have the opportunity to elect a new Mayor for the first time in almost three decades. The current mayor has been in office since 1991, and I for one think it is time for new leadership that will finally put the people of our city first.

I am a proud Rutgers alum, and the founder and editor of New Brunswick Today, a community newspaper that works to inform the community and expose corruption here in our city. I have been fighting for change here since my time as an undergraduate, and I have learned a lot about the problems that New Brunswick faces. Now, I want a chance to solve those problems. Here is a few of my plans to make our city a better place to live, work, visit and study:

Fix the parking problem: I will abolish the New Brunswick Parking Authority. During my opponent’s seven terms as Mayor, the New Brunswick Parking Authority has racked up an outrageous $390 million dollar debt building parking decks to serve the needs of real estate developers, while residents continue to struggle to park in their own neighborhoods. Under my administration, we will create safe, well-lit parking lots for residents and scale back alternate side parking rules so that they are not in effect during the Rutgers school year, when the parking crunch is the worst.

Improve public safety and public transportation: I will work hard to create a safer and more welcoming environment for all those who come to explore our city. This means taking steps to make sure that our student residents always have transportation options to get where they need to go and  that our streets are well-lit and pedestrian-friendly. My administration will fight for better taxis and a better bus system to connect our neighborhoods, one with safe, well-lit shelters that will have communications equipment to quickly provide access to authorities for anyone in need.

Restore confidence in our drinking water: We all deserve clean drinking water, but unfortunately the current administration has let us down time and again. As a journalist, I have helped shine a light on the corruption at the New Brunswick Water Department, where one longtime employee was imprisoned for covering up problems with our water and two others are about to be sentenced for a bribery scheme that cost the city a half-million dollars. I will make the investments needed to fix our failing infrastructure and bring unprecedented transparency to this troubled utility.

New Brunswick is where I went to college, and where I chose to start my life. I love this city, and I want to make it a place where more students will stick around, start families and businesses and become homeowners. Our city has an unfortunate reputation for crime and corruption, but it does not have to be that way. Together, we can create a better New Brunswick for all. I hope you will look for my name, Charlie Kratovil, in the bottom right corner of your ballot. You can learn more about our campaign at

Charlie Kratovil a Mayoral Candidate for the City of New Brunswick and a Rutgers alumnus. 

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