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Rutgers enters new nationwide policing partnership

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Ashwini Jarral, executive director of the IJIS Institute, said the training program offered by the partnership gives advice to law enforcement personnel on selecting and managing the implementation of technology. 

The Center on Policing at Rutgers has entered a new national partnership with IJIS Institute and the National Policing Foundation, according to Business Wire

According to the article, the partnership will offer training programs "for federal, state and local law enforcement executives, managers and staff who are seeking or implementing emerging and enhanced technologies in their agencies." 

The training program was designed to prepare executives for the process of sorting through the available technologies, selecting appropriate solutions and implementing the solution within the agency’s existing environment and community expectations. 

“The exploding introduction of new technologies in policing makes it very difficult for police executives to know what a given technology can do to improve operations and what pitfalls should be avoided,” said Ashwini Jarral, executive director of the IJIS Institute. “This training program offers practical advice on selecting and managing technology implementation.” 

An inaugural two-day executive seminar, titled “The Promises and Perils of Law Enforcement Information Technologies,” will offer case studies on current and emerging information technologies and the pros and cons the technologies bring. 

The seminar will emphasize lessons learned in maximizing the technology’s benefits and mitigating the risks through proven strategies and planning.

"Participants will also learn about the current and coming state of the art of police information technology," according to the article. 

The IJIS Institute is a non-profit organization working to enable technology in the public sector and expand the use of information to maximize safety, efficiency and effectivity. The National Police Foundation is an American-based, non-partisan and non-profit organization dedicated to advancing policing through innovation and science. 

“As has been said before, we cannot allow technology to happen to us and this is particularly true in policing and public safety where the needs are great, but the risks may in some cases be even greater,” said Jim Burch, interim president of the National Police Foundation. “Selecting and implementing new technology in law enforcement deserves and requires unique considerations, not the least of which is the impact on officers and the community.”

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