Transform your room from standard setup to stylized space

A bedroom should be a relaxing sanctuary where students can collapse into bed after a long day of classes and soak up some good vibes. But the unchangeable dreary white walls, cramped floor space and headache-inducing overhead fluorescent lights that come standard with most college residence halls stifle any attempts at de-stressing.

Even though little can be done to open up the limited layout of a traditional room for more space, students can still customize their living environment through decorative accents and personalized wall ornaments. These four room themes are sure to liven up any dull space and serve as a starting point for students seeking to redecorate for the spring semester.

Natural and Chill

A natural and chill themed room features décor that is minimalistic yet serves as a breath of fresh air when one walks into their room. Succulents are ideal plants for college students to keep, since they require low maintenance care and come in different types. For the walls, these window murals from Amazon show an illusion of a beach, nature or city view right in one’s own room that the street and parking lot views most of the windows in our residence halls can’t provide. Himalayan pink salt lamps illuminate any room with a warm orange light. While the wellness effects of these lamps are not supported by any studies, they still add a relaxing touch, according to CNN

Modern Night Owl

For the students who would consider falling asleep by midnight to be an unusually early bedtime, those obnoxiously bright ceiling lights really seem to hinder late night productivity (or Netflix binges). Try opting for a light-up wall sign which basks the room in a neon glow. Wall tapestries also fit this room style’s artistic aesthetic.

Society6’s collection of tapestries include a range of illustrations, photographs, landscapes, typographies and more that are anything but basic and can fill up an empty wall. Since no room is complete without a desk lamp, a color-changing LED novelty lamp will add a modern spark to this decorative staple.

Boho and Whimsical

Sometimes when students return to their room at the end of the day comfort is the only thing on their minds. There are plenty of options for bohemian-style bedding and adding a few whimsical decals makes for an unexpected twist on this theme. Instead of traditional golden fairy lights, look for silver ones for a dreamy feel that come with clips or hooks where students can hang up their favorite photos, artwork or Polaroids and string them around the border of their room. 

Tossing a patterned throw blanket over a bedspread will keep students cozy and help their rooms look stylish and put together. For a truly unique accent to give off an ethereal vibe, place glow-in-the-dark star stickers intermittently across the upper walls and ceiling.

Eclectic Super-Fan

Students can also transform their rooms into individual reflections of their interests by showcasing their pop culture knowledge in as many ways as possible throughout the room. In order to open up more space than residence hall rooms typically provide, hang geometric shelves onto the walls to allow room for one to display albums, movies, books, etc. 

Adding an assortment of entertaining throw pillows can quickly bring more life to a room, and Redbubble features designs from a wide range of popular and niche interests. For a customizable touch, students can write out their favorite quotes or lyrics onto a cinematic light box which also brightens up the room.

Essential oil diffusers can also be used in each of these themed rooms to dispense natural scents into the air, although Time stated that there is inconclusive research on their health benefits and advised users to be cautious of allergic reactions.

Each of the elements featured within these four decorative styles can further add to a specific aesthetic, or be blended to create a one of a kind room. Décor can be uniquely tailored to someone’s personal tastes just as how the clothes hanging in one’s closet reflect their individual style.

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