Catching Z's: Best napping spots around campus

Thursday, Feb. 28 was National Public Sleeping Day, but many of us college students will be bringing the minor public indecency into March and further. Whether it’s been after an all-nighter, a hard night of partying or simply during that really boring three-hour class, we’ve all at least gotten the urge to snooze right then and there. In honor of the humorous holiday, we’re ranking the most creative — but not exactly cozy — places to knock out when sneaking off to your residence hall just isn’t possible. 

Alexander Library on the College Avenue campus

As huge as this building is, you should find no excuse not to take a nap here. For the amount of time students spend here, the place should practically start offering day passes for cots during finals week. The cubicles on the first floor offer privacy and discrepancy, but after being hunched over in those wooden chairs for so long, you’re bound to get a bad back and a numb arm. 

Some people opt for the upholstered love chairs on the first floor, but those are almost always occupied by New Brunswick locals. For maximum comfort and little to no disturbances, use your bag or coat as a pillow and post up in one of the aisles of the stacks. Because who really ever goes to the stacks, anyway? 

The Student Activities Center on the College Avenue campus

This spot is ideal, as the main room is filled with über-comfortable love chairs with ottomans to match for makeshift beds. On a nice day, the sun illuminates the room not in a way that naturally warms the room instead of blinding it, making the temptation to doze off even harder to resist. If you’re lucky, someone will be free-styling on the grand piano, practically serenading you to sleep. It’s super cozy.

Passion Puddle on Douglass campus

New Jersey weather is pretty unfortunate right now, but as soon as it warms up, the first thing you'll be doing after exams is hopping on a bus to Red Oak Lane and getting comfortable under one of the willow trees surrounding the picturesque Passion Puddle. Pro tip: Bring a picnic blanket and snacks to make it a day. 

Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue campus

Again, not exactly ideal right now because of the windchill. But when the sun starts beaming and those cherry blossoms start blooming? All you’ll need is a good book and a cushion to rest on. The pink petals from the trees will solely be for aesthetic purposes. It’s also a convenient location, as once you wake up, you can walk right over to Krispy Pizza for a slice and still make it to your class in Murray Hall. 

Bishop Beach on the College Avenue campus

This is a popular place for people to get their tan on or just talk to friends, but the way the sun hits this lawn also makes it perfect for a day nap. It’s right on the College Avenue campus, so you can hit up Brower Commons or run to class right after. 

F Bus

I know this sounds unappealing, but hear me out. The F bus route is undoubtedly the most scenic, and it’s also super long and not nearly as crowded as the god-forsaken LX. Next time you’re on it, don’t be afraid to rest your little head on the window and take a good power nap. Science said we only need 15 minutes for a recharge, right? 

Next time you just can’t keep your eyes open in a public place, embrace it and don’t fight it. As long as it’s not class, because those who fall asleep and snore are a bit disruptive and call for second-hand embarrassment. Sleep is only natural, and many have said college students need a lot of it, so don’t knock the hustle. 

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