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HORU March 8, 2019

“My father grew up in a house with not just his sisters and parents, but also with his grandma and cousins, and his father took care of all of them, meaning they didn't always have a lot to go around. They had to relocate a few times without notice for my grandfather's work. It wasn't always stable and my father didn't want that for me, so he wanted to make sure that when we came to the U.S., we would have a better life. When I was growing up, my father also instilled in me a love for cars that never died out. It sounds a bit silly, but I also want to be able to buy him a dream car of sorts as a reward for all the hard work he's done in his life to make sure that the life I lead is better than what he grew up with. That's usually my main motivation. There's small things along the way, i.e. a certain physique when I'm at the gym, a new pair of sneakers when I'm at work, but the above is what has driven me for a long time.”

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