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InfoWars' 'Gun Girl' visits Rutgers, interviews students

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 Kaitlin Bennett is a libertarian gun rights activist and reporter for InfoWars, who became famous on social media after tweeting last summer in favor of gun rights. Yesterday evening she came to Rutgers and interviewed students on various topics, including student debt. 

Kaitlin Bennett, the Kent State “Gun Girl” who became famous on social media for an open-carry demonstration, came to Rutgers University—New Brunswick on Monday to interview students on student debt for InfoWars, she said to The Daily Targum. 

“I love being on college campuses because there are tons of people and lots of crazy opinions,” Bennett said. “And so I love to capture them.” 

She was in the area because she was visiting her fiancee’s family, who live nearby, she said. 

“I’ve found that a lot of students are super intolerant to me being on campus, they don’t want me here,” Bennett said. “They’ve told me to go home, they’ve interrupted my conversations with people, they’ve got in front of (the camera) just shouting into the microphone.” 

But she also said that she found a number of respectful students, more than maybe on any other college campus she has visited. 

“When there is a campus full of people who scream at others who disagree with them, they have no place to go for dialogue,” Bennett said. 

Madison Roveda, a School of Arts and Sciences first-year, said this past weekend Bennett posted online that New Jersey was a communist state and that she thinks nobody should live here because we have high taxes, no guns and weird accents. 

“I really don’t think she should even be here, I mean, she has a right to be here but I don’t really understand her point,” Revita said. “She’s asking people why they think taxation is theft, she’s basically just giving leading questions and statements and she’s trying to get people to agree with her. I think she’s just going to end up compiling it into a YouTube video that makes Rutgers look like it doesn’t know what it's talking about and not use any quality content.” 

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