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Nabil Adam's former graduate student will not return as part-time lecturer

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 Earlier this semester, it was reported that Nabil Adam had been cleared of multiple accusations and was being investigated for allegedly retaliating against his accuser. The University responded that it maintains confidentiality for all parties involved in the matter. 

A former graduate student of Nabil Adam, the former vice chancellor for Research and Collaborations at Rutgers University—Newark, accused him of sexual assault during an 18-month sexual relationship. She said she has recently been prohibited from continuing to work as a part-time lecturer (PTL) at the University, according to a letter she sent to University President Robert L. Barchi, which The Daily Targum obtained from her as well. 

“It is extremely shameful the way Rutgers is discriminating against me … Because I am the whistleblower, Rutgers prohibits me from teaching (maintaining my PTL appointment). This result in $6,500 salary cut per semester,” she said. 

The Daily Targum reported earlier this semester that Adam has been cleared of multiple accusations and is currently being investigated for allegedly retaliating against his accuser. He has returned to an office at the Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick and does not teach. 

The University stated that it must maintain confidentiality for those involved to respect both the privacy of the parties and the integrity of its processes, said Dory Devlin, senior director of University News and Media Relations, to the Targum in an email.

“In addition, sexual assault is a criminal matter and when allegations of rape or other sexual assault are brought to our attention, the matter must be referred to the appropriate law enforcement authorities, including the county prosecutor’s office,” Devlin said. “The allegations in this case were referred to the Essex County Prosecutor more than a year ago.”

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