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Club hands out pet goldfish to students who cannot keep them

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Students living in dormitories who were given goldfish must find them a new home as soon as possible since they are not allowed to live in the residence halls.

Pet goldfish handed out to students at Monday’s Involvement Fair have drawn the attention of the Office of Residence Life, as it does not allow unapproved animals to live in the residence halls. 

Residents who were given a goldfish must find their pets a new home as soon as possible, according to an email sent by the Cook/Douglass Residence Life Office.

“We have a very specific and personalized approval process for service animals and emotional support animals. Unfortunately the goldfish given out at the Involvement Fair are not allowed inside the residence halls,” the email read. 

Residence Life also recognized that it was not in charge of the Involvement Fair and will touch base with its campus colleagues on the matter, according to the email. 

Both the club or organization that was distributing goldfish and the number of pet fish given out remain unclear. 

Brendan Brightman

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