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LEYZEROVYCH: Democrats’ victimhood backfires during CNN town hall

Column: American Insights

I will be honest. My past few columns for this publication have been filled with a stern, unwavering purpose: to bring about before this academic body the egregiousness of the modern American Democratic Party. 

I have been persistent in my format of presenting some political kerfuffle and consequently analyzing it from my personal and political points of view. But, as I am a mere student and thus so easily succumb to the schizoid reality of midterm examinations, my proverbial funny bone is beginning to itch. Quite badly, actually. 

In my condition, if I were, a monarch I would call for my favorite jester and have him sing me a ditty till my heart was overflowing with joy. If I were some bronze-skinned Spaniard from an Ernest Hemingway novel, I would surely take my wife, grab a great bottle of Rioja wine and stroll to a spectacular corrida. 

But alas, I live in the modernity of the great American nation with a presidential election a year away! No, I do not need a medieval song, or expensive European alcohol or the slaughtering of some cow bursting with testosterone. Because the circus is finally here in form of CNN’s LGBTQ+ Town Hall!

It is so genuinely comedic to me to watch the far-far-far-Left Kumbaya collapse onto itself, to see enraged social justice warriors attack the very television network that is the pinnacle of social justice in this country and to see Democratic candidates be eaten alive by the very people they are pandering to.  

Undeniably, the award-winning star of this circus has to be Blossom C. Brown, a true impersonation of liberal hysterics. Because nothing says a productive liberal town hall like a Black transgender woman ripping the microphone out of the hands of an already speaking person, nudging aside some wide-eyed kid and screeching at Don Lemon incoherencies such as, “I am an extraordinary Black trans woman!”, “I deserve to be here!”, “I am tired!” and my personal favorite, “Google me!”.

Winning the award for the most counterproductive protestors, who yet again rudely interrupted a man asking South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D-Ind.) a question, and promptly began chanting “Black Lives Matter” at an LGBTQ+  Town Hall (a.k.a fusion confusion). I will give Buttigieg the full credit for attempting to justify what had happened by claiming that it was about the “epidemic of violence against Black trans women.” 

You could see the relief in his eyes when he was able to get out that sentence. Phew Buttigieg! That was a close one! You almost did not meet the high bar set by these extremely woke folks!

But these were only the special features of the circus! These were exclusive seasonal entertainers! Do not be alarmed though — we are all sometimes a little resistant to change — because the classics of any Democratic gathering will always be there to comfort you. Just look at Beto O’Rourke and his renowned performance “Encroach On Ye Rights.” 

In his last act it was violating your right to bear arms: “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47!” O’Rourke said. 

And if you thought that was a blast, then come on down to O'Rourke's brand new act, now going for your freedom of religion! If your religious institution holds values on gay marriage that differ from his, kiss your First Amendment rights and tax-exemption goodbye while O'Rourke's corrupt office undoes the great writings of our founders and strikes upon thee with great vengeance. 

Another classic included in this performance was Joe Biden’s demonstration of his famous trick: magically making everyone in America altogether shudder with discomfort as he slipped up saying he “came out” with a statement, proving how hilariously destructive context is, and giving poor Anderson Cooper a creepy ol’ rub on the shoulder. 

Let us also not forget Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) operatic number: avoiding Chris Cuomo’s question on her stance on LGBTQ+ rights when she was a Republican, by singing a church rhyme about equity with the vocal quality of a dying feline. 

Exeunt all performers. Applause. 

Most comedies invariably hold some tragedy, and this one is no exception. What we have witnessed is the crumbling of the Left’s most praised construct: the hegemony of victimhood. 

And as this construct is not based in reality, or positive leadership or actual communal effort to cleanse itself of its sins, but on self-righteousness, narcissism and inherent division, it must fall.   

The Left’s ultimate weapon to silence opposition has gone rogue, and its barrel is facing directly back at the petty aggressor. 

Yan Leyzervych is a Rutgers Business School first-year majoring in Finance. His column, “American Insights,” runs on alternate Tuesdays.


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