Rutgers begins concierge service to deliver prescriptions to campus

RWJBarnabas Health atrium in New Brunswick
Photo by WikimediaRWJBarnabas Health atrium in New Brunswick

Prescriptions previously filled through the Rutgers Health Services pharmacies have been transferred to an outside pharmacy, which can offer a concierge service to deliver prescriptions to campus, according to the Rutgers Student Health website. 

Students can now get their prescriptions at the Walgreens in the RWJBarnabas Health atrium in New Brunswick, according to the website. 

Walgreens will offer a concierge service for students during the week. A representative will deliver medications to Hurtado Health Center daily, an option only available for prescriptions written by a Rutgers Health Services provider, according to the website. 

Students can also request express delivery, where they can get their prescription delivered to their residence or on-campus post office the day after their prescription is ready, according to the website. Students can also request express pick-up. 

Due to the decrease in student use and financial problems, the transfer of these prescriptions comes after the University closed the three on-campus pharmacies this fall, as previously reported by The Daily Targum. 

The number of prescriptions filled by the University’s student pharmacies dropped from 33,430 in 2010 to 16,395 in 2019, according to an Open Public Record request. 

“This is not something where I said, ‘Oh, let’s close the pharmacy,’ it is something that we have been looking into and working toward for a year or two trying to investigate. We have seen that the number of prescriptions have gone down with the pharmacy, and the costs have just really escalated,” said Melodee Lasky, assistant vice chancellor for Health & Wellness, the Targum reported at the time.