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Rutgers pays more than $20 M. to fired coaches, administrators in past decade

<p>Chris Ash, the former head football coach for Rutgers, was one of the coaches who received buyouts within the last decade from Rutgers.&nbsp;</p>

Chris Ash, the former head football coach for Rutgers, was one of the coaches who received buyouts within the last decade from Rutgers. 

Since 2010, Rutgers has agreed to pay approximately $22 million to fired coaches, administrators, athletic directors and other top officials, according to an article on NJ Advance Media. 

Many of the officials were fired because University President Robert L. Barchi and his administration thought they were doing a bad job, relieving them of their duties but not their guaranteed contracts, according to the article. 

Before the most recent firings of head football coach Chris Ash and offensive coordinator John McNulty, Barchi had said buyouts are “in the best interests of the University,” as they avoid costly disputes and lawsuits over why the former employees were fired, according to the article. 

Here are the 10 biggest payouts:

Chris Ash 

Ash, who The Daily Targum reported was fired earlier this week, is potentially owed approximately $8.47 million through the 2022 season, according to the article.  

Yet there is an off ramp for Rutgers. If Ash finds another job, the University would be able to pay Ash less, or nothing at all, depending on how much his new job pays, according to the article. 

“Rutgers shall immediately be entitled to offset the remaining post-termination pay by the income (Ash) earns in the new employment position," his contract stated, according to the article.

Eddie Jordan 

Taking over as head men’s basketball coach for Mike Rice — who appears later on this list — Jordan was fired in 2016 after four seasons, according to the article. At the time of his firing, Jordan was owed approximately $2.1 million, which was nearly 70% of what he was owed on his contract.

Julie Hermann

After serving two and a half years as athletic director, Hermann was paid $1.66 million after being fired in 2015, according to the article. 

Hermann was originally set to be paid $1.16 million, but was later given an additional $500,000 in exchange for agreeing to not sue Rutgers for wrongful termination, according to the article. 

Kyle Flood

As the football coach before Ash, Flood was ultimately fired for reasons stemming from scandals off the field, according to the article. Although Flood was owed approximately $4.35 million in base salary, his contract had a clause that allowed him to be paid approximately $1.4 million if canned.

Barchi said at the time of Flood’s firing that his salary would be paid with both University and private funds, according to the article. 

Tim Pernetti 

In the wake of the Mike Rice scandal, where the former head basketball coach was accused of being abusive toward players, Barchi asked Pernetti to resign. He agreed to resign in exchange for a buyout, according to the article. 

Pernetti was ultimately paid approximately $1.25 million, not including bonuses. He was also allowed to maintain his $12,000 annual stipend for a car through October 2015, according to the article. 

John McNulty

Having been fired along with Ash earlier this week, the former Rutgers offensive coordinator is owed approximately $900,000 over the next year and a half, unless he finds a new job with a salary, then his payout will be reduced or eliminated, according to the article. 

McNulty had previously served as offensive coordinator under former head football coach Greg Schiano from 2007 to 2008, according to the article. 

Fred Hill Jr. 

The former head basketball coach agreed to a buyout of approximately $825,000 in 2010 following a profanity-laced tirade at his father’s baseball game, according to the article. Hill would have been due approximately $1.9 million if he was not let go.

Petra Martin

The former swimming and diving coach received a $725,000 buyout after resigning due to a report that team members and parents complained about Martin's alleged abusive comments, according to the article. 

At the time she was fired, Martin denied any wrongdoing and was owed approximately $227,000 for the remaining two and a half years on her contract, according to the article. The settlement of $725,000 was reached with Martin’s lawyers in 2018, which included $421,310 "in economic and other damages'' and another $303,689 for attorney’s fees and other costs.

Debasish Dutta 

The former Rutgers University—New Brunswick Chancellor resigned in the summer of 2018 after one year on the job, according to the article. 

The University gave Dutta a buyout of approximately $480,000, which he was supposed to use to take the year off before returning to Rutgers as a distinguished professor, according to the article. Yet, Dutta was hired to be the chancellor of the University of MichiganFlint in June. 

Mike Rice 

Barchi fired Rice after a video emerged of him kicking, hitting and shouting homophobic slurs at players, according to the article. Rice was eventually paid $475,000 of the $1.1 million owed on his contract. 

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