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Rutgers now offers plant-based JUST Egg at its dining halls

<p>JUST Egg is being served at dining halls at Rutgers, including Brower Commons on the College Avenue campus.</p>

JUST Egg is being served at dining halls at Rutgers, including Brower Commons on the College Avenue campus.

JUST Egg, a plant-based egg substitute, is available on all dining halls in the Rutgers campus. The University is the first New Jersey university to bring JUST Egg to dining halls. 

The egg substitute is available at the “made-to-order” omelette station in all four dining halls. 

The organization JUST is a team with Michelin-starred chefs who spent five years developing an egg-substitute for a “delicious, accessible, healthier and more sustainable product,” according to its company biography. It was added to campus dining this fall semester. 

Partnership teams at JUST work with food retailers and university dining halls to provide food that is “better for our bodies and better for the planet,” according to its website. 

“JUST Egg is made from the 4,400-year-old mung bean and has a comparable amount of protein as conventional chicken eggs,” according to the Partnership teams at JUST Egg.

JUST Egg has two formats for food service — JUST Egg liquid with 5 grams of protein per serving and JUST Egg patty with 7 grams of protein per serving, according to its website. 

The University has not yet adopted the party option, but the organization sees a possibility in implementing the product in dining halls. 

JUST Egg is ecologically better than a normal chicken egg, using 98% less water than a normal egg to be cooked, emitting 93% less carbon dioxide and using 86% less land than conventional animal sources, according to the organization. 

JUST Egg has sold the equivalent of 15 million chicken eggs, and is offering an alternative path to sustainability. In 2030, global demand for chicken eggs would rise to 89 million tons of eggs, according to JUST Egg. The continual use of JUST Egg would “offset this number and the environmental degradation it would bring,” according to the Partnership teams. 

The product has received traction on campus such as a positive Instagram post from the Rutgers Veg Society, according to the Partnership teams.

“According to major food distributor Aramark, around 65% of Gen Zers would like to focus on eating ‘plant-forward’ foods and 60% would like to reduce their meat intake,” according to the Partnership teams.

Students in college are increasingly asking for plant-based options such as JUST Egg, according to the organization.

JUST Egg is being served in more than 60 universities across the country, from Ivy Leagues to Big Ten schools to liberal arts colleges and the entire University of California system, according to the release. 

The company markets itself as “plug-and-play” with its product that “tastes like an egg, cooks like an egg and has about the same amount of protein.” 

While focusing on breakfast foods as an egg substitute or a patty substitute, it is seeing universities use JUST Egg as a “center of the plate” dinner option such as pad Thai, fried rice dishes and teriyaki bowls, according to the Partnership teams. 

The JUST Egg products are also being sold off campus at restaurants such as Gregorys Coffee and Bareburger and at grocery stores like Whole Foods Market, ShopRite, Kings Food Markets, select Walmarts and more. JUST Egg encourages students to cook its products in their dorms or their homes. 

“JUST Egg was created for everyone, not just those who are plant-based. In fact in consumer surveys, of the consumers choosing JUST Egg over conventional egg products, 77% identified as meat-eaters (omnivores or flexitarians) and 57% expressed that they plan to eat more plant-based proteins next year, which demonstrates the growing consumer demand and interest for more plant-forward, protein-packed options like JUST Egg,” according to the Partnership teams. 

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article referred to the company as “JUST Egg,” to the “patty egg” as the “party egg” and to the statements from the Partnership teams as a press release.

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