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Dear Editor, 

In a column I wrote last year in The Daily Targum, I argued that the egregious “Christian” preachers be ignored, and left feeling unwelcome on campus. The response I got from people who agreed with my position on this issue was staggering. 

One thing I did not mention is that the best place to beat someone’s argument is in the public space. Shutting them down to the point they cannot move only makes their defense stronger. 

With this in mind, I cannot stress enough my disappointment at the Targum for its coverage on the event that took place with the Hong Kong protestors. 

As an American student who lived in Shanghai during high school and visited Hong Kong, I appreciate not only the freedoms I am afforded in the United States and Hong Kong, but also recognize and understand more than most the true extent to which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seeks to end freedom of speech and create a political environment free from discontent against the Party. 

In 21st-century university life, the best way to beat a legitimized fascist regime is through activism and debate, not pandering to it or forgetting its existence. From what I read in the Targum article, no space is left for discussion on exactly what the CCP is doing in Hong Kong, which is disregarding Hong Kong Basic Law that establishes a “high degree of autonomy and enjoys executive, legislative and independent judicial power” for the Hong Kong Legislature. 

As the Reddit post by u/rutgers41325 said: “After the event, RUPD told us to exit through an alternative route, because a gang of mainland students were harassing people at the front of the student center.” 

If this is true, why was this not mentioned? At a public university, no students who grew up under the influence of a foreign power, nor any American should have the right to harass those with dissenting opinion, no matter if such an opinion is completely censored in mainland China or anywhere else. 

If anything, if this newspaper wants to keep even a shred of relevance as a representative of student opinion, it should defend to the last the rights of all people to free speech, especially if that speech is considered “dangerous” in a different country. 

Free Hong Kong. 

Harry Whitehead is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore planning on majoring in computer science or economics. 


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