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Student named Forbes Under 30 Scholar

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Peter Ruiz, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, was recognized as a 2019 Forbes Under 30 scholar, despite Rutgers not being a Forbes Under 30 partner. 

Ruiz joined 1,000 other Forbes Under 30 scholars when he attended the Forbes Under 30 Summit this past October. 

The summit is world-renowned for its “young leaders, founders and creators” that come to participate in the four-day summit, which includes a private music festival, industry-focused field trips, a world-famous food festival, a day of community service and A-list speakers, according to the Forbes Under 30 website

“Getting to hear the stories from these successful individuals first-hand will make a big impact and I am just so excited to get a chance to go,” Ruiz said in an interview with the School of Communication and Information. “I think it is a great opportunity for anyone trying to gain connections because you never know – maybe someone can find their own Sergey Brin and create the next Google.” 

Like the 10,000 other attendees, Ruiz said he was able to network and make connections with students, start-ups and people behind both big and small brands.

He also said that he would not have received this award and been given the opportunity of attending this conference if he had not applied the summer before.

“Over the summer I saw some of the people I was connected to get chosen for this and it made me curious,” Ruiz said in the interview. “I applied back in summer and didn't hear back until late September, so I was a bit surprised as I thought they had already picked everyone.”

Warren Allen, director of the undergraduate program in Information Technology and Informatics in the School of Communication and Information, said that even though Rutgers is not a Forbes Under 30 partner, Ruiz’s credentials made him a good candidate for a place in the program.

“To my knowledge, (Ruiz) was very self-directed and driven to apply and did the bulk of the work himself,” Allen said.

Ruiz, who is double-majoring in human resource management and information technology and informatics (ITI), and minoring in business administration, attributed his academic journey at Rutgers for much of his success with the accomplishment. 

Ruiz said that he hopes to start his own company one day, thanks to a newfound interest sparked by a class he took with Kristen Luciani, a professor in the School of Communication and Information, called "Management of Technological Organizations."

“My main focus when coming to school was to try and make myself as marketable as possible for the job market upon graduation,” Ruiz said in the interview. "The best part is that I am currently a (human resource information system) intern at Panasonic, which gives me the opportunity to work with both of the majors I have studied.”

Upon graduation from Rutgers in the Spring 2020 semester, Ruiz said he plans to travel around Europe. 

Ruiz said he also hopes to pursue an MBA with a concentration in strategy once he has done two or three years of rotational programs, and ultimately hopes to become a chief human resources officer of a technology company.

He also said that students who are interested in applying for the Forbes Under 30 Summit should simply reach out and put in the effort, just like he did. 

“The only advice I have for students interested in applying is to just reach out,” Ruiz said in the interview. “Rutgers is not one of the schools they are partnered with yet I was still chosen. Sometimes you just have to go out of your way if you really want something. What’s the worst that can happen?”