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EDITORIAL: Biden worst choice for Democratic voters

At the time of this writing, the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses are still in turmoil, with multiple candidates proclaiming victory, polling apps proving dysfunctional and the Democratic base — and general public — wholly confused at what exactly just happened. 

One candidate who did not claim victory was former Vice President Joe Biden, and perhaps his relative humility is still an act of absolute arrogance considering how faulty of a candidate he is for any office, let alone that of the presidency.

Not only did Biden support the Iraq War, which is now nearly universally considered a severe foreign policy miscalculation at best and a terroristic act from the United States at worst, but he also repeatedly lied about it after he forged history and asserted that he opposed it. After lying about his support of the war on the campaign trail, CNN stepped in and fact-checked him.

“Biden said that ‘from the very moment’ (former) President George W. Bush launched his ‘shock and awe’ military campaign, and ‘right after’ that occurred, ‘I opposed what he was doing, and spoke to him,’" according to CNN. "It's false that Biden opposed the war from the moment Bush started it in March 2003. Biden repeatedly spoke in favor of the war both before and after it began.”

Warmongering and lying aside, Biden proves a faulty politician for his tendency to flip-flop. He’s reversed his stances on key issues such as abortion, the healthcare-centric Hyde Amendment and as well as morphing his opinion on marijuana legalization to match public opinion.

All of this paints a portrait of a spineless politician with no true conviction or stances, and a directionless, messageless individual lacking a concrete direction to lead the country in.

So what is Biden’s platform? 

At a glance it seems that his main draw is being former President Barack Obama’s right-hand man. It should be no surprise to anyone that someone who said that “poor kids” are just as bright as “white kids” would stoop as low as to espouse having a “Black friend” as a main talking point.

His handling of the Anita Hill hearings in 1991 also show how incompetent he is. Biden presided over the questioning of Hill, who accused then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. Biden has been widely criticized for allowing the hearing to devolve into an attack on Hill.

“As Biden presided, the hearings devolved into a shocking showdown in which Thomas and his defenders did all they could to degrade Hill’s character and destroy her credibility, accusing her, with no real evidence, of being a liar, a fantasist and an erotomaniac,” according to The New Yorker.

If you are a Democrat and your main interest is not so much in who the candidate is but, rather, their ability to defeat incumbent President Donald J. Trump, preventing Biden’s nomination should be of interest to you as well. 

Trump is known to bully and frankly discredit his opponents, and can anyone imagine Biden standing up to Trump’s relentless assaults with anything more than a slew of nonsensical gaffes? There are other Democratic candidates who would fare far better against Trump in the general election. 

At 77 years old, Biden is also part of a wider trend of aged candidates vouching for the nation’s highest office, and Biden's mannerisms reflect his age. Should Biden find himself winning the election, he would be 82 years old following his first term and 86 years old if he serves the two-term limit. 

Clearly in a Democratic field with many candidates still viable and running, Biden does not deserve the vote of anyone eligible to participate in the primary — which, for the record, is any registered Democrat.

As with all electoral pieces, the end note — the one thing that the public and those in power must take away — is this: Election days have to be a national holiday in which workers are given the day off. By not making it a holiday, those who are forced to work are often denied their ability to vote, given that their employment and other obligations of the day impede their ability to arrive at the polls.

For Rutgers students and anyone reading, vote, it matters. 

For the cynical individual who asserts that all candidates are the same or that all candidates are equally terrible, it is due to people like you, who refused to make your voice heard. By exercising personal agency through your Constitutional right to vote, whether that be for a candidate on the ballot or a write-in, you have the power to dictate the government you wish to see.


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