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'Sex Education' show is back, season two does ‘it’ again

<p>"Sex Education" is a popular show on Netflix. The cast consists of a diverse group of rising actors and actresses that represent ranging characters on the show.</p>

"Sex Education" is a popular show on Netflix. The cast consists of a diverse group of rising actors and actresses that represent ranging characters on the show.

Netflix’s wildly popular show “Sex Education” has stunned viewers again with its witty, fast-paced humor and sexually progressive nature.The last time we left awkward, late-bloomer protagonist, Otis (Asa Butterfield), he was masturbating for the very first time, an activity he has taken to as a liberating new hobby.

Now, his internal struggle lies between exploring his newly discovered sexuality with his girlfriend, Ola (Patricia Allison), and ruminating on his lingering, undeniable connection with friend and "business partner" Maeve (Emma Mackey). Otis also must dodge the constant questioning and harassment from his inquisitive mother, who just so happens to be a sex therapist herself. 

Perhaps the wit and charm of the teen "dramedy" stems from the irony of a quirky, virgin teenage boy giving out sex advice to fellow classmates. As Otis attempts to give up his sex therapy "business," he finds himself unable to. He was once unheard and invisible, but his ability to aid people in their outrageous sex affairs has made people see him for who he is. 

The show thrives on its relatability. The importance of status and popularity that we all find ourselves yearning for during our youthful time in high school is the underlying fabric that holds the plot together. 

Season two lived up to the expectations set forth by season one, which was packed with taboo topics such as sex, teen pregnancy and coming to terms with one's sexuality. Season two is chock-full of various sexual escapades including sexual assault, sexually transmitted infection breakouts, fetishes and all the embarrassing baggage that inevitably appears with sex.

The show stays true to its progressive nature by maintaining its inclusion of all genders, races and sexualities. It is due to this that the show is so hugely successful and relatable to the masses. Otis’s flamboyant and hilarious best friend, Eric (Ncuti Gatwa), explores a relationship with new boy, Rahim (Sami Outalbali), all while under the watchful eye of a closeted past lover. 

Otis is in a new heterosexual relationship striving to make Ola attain the "big O," an orgasm. Another character must come to terms with the fact that being asexual does not make them broken. There is infidelity, there is heartbreak, abandonment and pansexuality. 

The cast gets more diverse this season by adding paraplegic actor George Robinson to the cast. "Sex Education" gives the people what they want: the representation of all colors, shapes and sizes. It is beautiful to watch and should be dutifully noted by others on screen television shows. 

Perhaps the most captivating aspect for fans is the complicated and intense relationship between Otis and Maeve. The internet went wild over the Margot Robbie look-alike, but in season two she dyes her bleached blonde and pink hair to a warm rich brown color. In some ways, the change symbolizes her hard, cold and invulnerable exterior beginning to dissipate.

Although season 3 has not been confirmed, the ending implies the story is not even close to being over. 

The moral and overarching theme of the show is that although we are all different, there is something we can all agree on. Each character and relationship shares the common, natural need of love and connectedness to other humans. When we succumb to this vulnerability, adversity usually follows, but it is the ups and downs of love, life and lust that make for great stories and entertainment. 

Watching the diverse set of characters transform from lonely, longing individuals into unifying entities of friendship, family and sexual partners makes your heart feel good and your soul inspired. For anyone struggling with their sexual identity or just wanting a good laugh, "Sex Education" is a great watch! 

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