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SURIANO: Sanders’s socialism cause for concern

Column: A RINO's View

Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) won the Nevada Caucuses on Saturday in convincing fashion. 

It appears that America’s favorite Socialist crank is a hair's throw away from being the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. The only things stopping him from running away with the race is former Vice President Joe Biden’s little big-horn-like stand in South Carolina and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s hundreds of millions of dollars on Super Tuesday. 

Some Republicans have been rooting for Sanders to win the primary because they conceive him to be easier to beat than the other Democrats. This is wrong. Sanders is too dangerous to the nation to be that close to being elected. But, I think Democrats would be wise to think twice before nominating a radical like Sanders.

I have written about Sanders before and everything I said there remains true. Sanders still praised breadlines in the Soviet Union. Sanders still sided with Castro over former President John F. Kennedy, which is a bad thing to do if you want to win Florida which is full of Cuban expatriates and children of Cuban expatriates who fled for their lives from Castro’s tyranny. Sanders still (as pointed out by Bloomberg) owns three homes. This is all to say Sanders is a radical and a hypocrite.

Now, Democrats would probably respond “sure that is bad, but we have to beat President Donald J. Trump, so I will take any Democrat.” Besides Sanders not being a Democrat, let me argue why Sanders could very possibly mean Trump’s reelection. 

First of all, Sanders is a radical socialist who is running on radically reshaping the U.S. economy. This would perhaps be a popular thing to run on if the economy was in free fall but that by any indicator is not the case. The economy keeps adding jobs and Americans are the most confident in the economy since the year 2000. Ask yourself, are voters really going to take the risk to the economy when things are going so well? 

Furthermore, what do Americans hate more than anything else? That is right: taxes. Democrats have gotten by for years saying they will only raise taxes on the rich which is far more palatable to the voter. Sanders, on the other hand, openly states he will raise taxes on the middle class. So not only will voters have to worry about Sanders wrecking the economy, but they will also have to worry about their own bottom line. 

Do you really want to go into November on a platform of raising middle-class taxes? I know I would not. The Democrats took the House of Representatives on the back of right-of-center suburban districts who usually elect moderate Republicans. These districts elected Democrats this time around because they cannot abide by Trump. What makes you think they can abide by socialism?

Now, let us get more specific to some swing states. I have mentioned Florida which has a large number of Cuban-Americans who either fled Cuba or whose parents fled Florida. The reason most of these Cubans fled Cuba was the communist tyranny of Castro.

It will make it hard for Democrats to win this key state if they run with a Socialist who admired Castro. Consider Pennsylvania, a state which has seen an economic boom from fracking. Sanders, along with other Democrats, has promised to run on a platform banning fracking. You may consider this a good policy if you are a Democrat, but in order to do these things you have to win an election. 

Pennsylvanians may have a hard time voting for you if you are literally promising to ban their jobs. Now, you can try to rely on the votes from Philadelphia to carry the state. I mean, that is what former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did to win Pennsylvania and the White House.

Now, I am a Republican so you do not have to listen to me. Furthermore, you are probably a college student so you are probably on the Bernie train already. But, if you are not on the Bernie train, or even if you are, please consider your choice wisely. Do not force Sanders on the country. We as Americans have always prized capitalism and private property rights. Do not let the United States go the way as other formerly great nations. 

Capitalism has its flaws (no one denies this) but if you do not think socialism has flaws, then I suggest you open a book about 20th century world history. Prescribing socialism to fix our economic problems is like having leg pain and instead of prescribing rest and Advil you cut the leg off. Please Democrats, do not nominate Sanders.

Robert Suriano is a School of Arts and Sciences senior majoring in history. His column, "A RINO's View," runs on alternate Mondays.


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