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EDITORIAL: 'The Daily Targum’ continues to improve

The Daily Targum inducted its 152nd editorial board on Friday, with this edition of the paper marking the first under new leadership.

The Targum has garnered a respectable reputation over the years, which is no surprise considering its founding in 1869 and its status as the second oldest collegiate paper in the nation.

We, as an editorial board, are excited about the future of the Targum, and that excitement is amplified whenever we consider the diverse, lively student body that we are writing for here at Rutgers. 

As a journalistic institution, we serve the campus in a plethora of ways, including delivering important news in a timely manner, providing an open forum in the Opinions section, covering all of your favorite Rutgers sports teams in the Sports section and updating the campus on critical developments in arts and culture through our Inside Beat section.

Hayley Slusser, our News Editor, voiced her exciting and ambitious plans for the News section of the Targum.

I want to make sure we are able to cover the issues that are important to students. I also hope to recruit writers from every school within the University so we can publish stories that cover a broader range of topics and interests, Slusser said.

Joshua Valdez, our Sports Editor, also laid out his plans to make the Targum the go-to resource for Rutgers athletics news.

With the tens of thousands of passionate Rutgers sports fans on campus, I am confident that we can recruit excellent student sports writers to help our section blossom," Valdez said. "I am excited to expand the Sports section to cover as many of our teams as possible, while also publishing as many quality student writers as I can.

Ameena Qobrtay, our Features editor, explained her vision of keying in on diverse aspects of arts and culture through the Inside Beat section.

"Inside Beat is the section where different subjects can be written by all sorts of people. It’s truly the most fluid section of the paper. I really want to push the boundaries of what we usually write about, and try to cover a diverse array of subjects, while also pushing for more of a social media presence, Qobrtay said.

The section that you are reading this piece in, the Opinions section, is headed by Jake McGowan. He explained how an election year provides a great number of topics for writers to explore.

The Opinions section is a great place for writers — or anyone with a burning opinion — to express themselves, and anyone can write about anything. With all the drama and discourse surrounding an election year, I expect the Opinions section to be a pantheon of nuanced articles," McGowan said.

But our job is not only to disseminate the aforementioned things to students, but to provide an open forum for students — you — to express yourselves in a variety of ways. More students getting involved contributes to a paper more reflective of the Rutgers community, which would make the Targum a more accurate display of the wonderful diversity we have on campus. 

Getting involved with the Targum is a simple email away, and we are always happy to add new writers to our team.

The Targum does not stop at print nor at writing. Our photo desk, ran by Salma HQ, is always on the scene of campus stories, sports games and plenty of other events, providing phenomenal coverage of campus happenings. Student photographers in need of an artistic outlet are more than encouraged to reach out.

Our multimedia efforts will also make themselves evident throughout the coming year. For those who prefer podcasts, documentaries or other audio and video based efforts, the Targum has got you covered, as we are creatively expanding into all of those mediums with the help of our video desk headed by Tarana Parekh. 

Our continuing and improving usage of social media should also entice you into to check out the Targum Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. 

We are determined to be a personable, involved part of the welcoming Rutgers community — but not the University itself. Our independence provides potential writers the liberty to voice their concerns within the Rutgers administration and should further encourage all those interested to get involved.

We will also be hosting open houses, expanding our online recruiting, holding copy workshops so students can understand why we exercise our stylistic decisions and moving to the Student Activities Center on the College Avenue campus, making the open forum of the students a true centerpiece of the campus. 

Whether you are a writer, artist or a student with a burning opinion or story to pursue, make your voice heard and drop by. With the commitment of the student body behind us, we can make the Targum the hub of student expression.


The Daily Targum's editorials represent the views of the majority of the 152nd editorial board. Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily reflect the views of the Targum Publishing Company or its staff.