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Makeup look for versatile February glam

<p>Samantha Ancello, School of Arts and Sciences junior, demonstrates how to create an easy-to-do makeup look for any Valentine's Day celebration.</p>

Samantha Ancello, School of Arts and Sciences junior, demonstrates how to create an easy-to-do makeup look for any Valentine's Day celebration.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about having a boo. It’s a great day to appreciate having yourself and makeup is a wonderful way to express your love for you. 

Step one: 

The first step to starting any makeup look is to wash your face and hands and to moisturize afterward. This is important so you have a clean palette to work on, and so you aren’t layering anything more onto your face than you have to. 

Apply your foundation, blush, contour and anything else as you usually would. To begin with, I use a priming spray all over my face so the entire look stays nicely, but then I additionally apply an eyeshadow primer cream to my eyelids. 

Step two: 

After this, I use concealer on my eyelids to make a blank base for my eyeshadow, but also so my colors come off much more pigmented. Using a light brown eyeshadow, apply a small amount to both the outer and inner corners of the eyes. 

In this case, I used "raw sienna" from the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Modern Renaissance palette. Blend this color toward the center of the crease and up to the brow bone. 

Apply "warm taupe" (a cool brown color) and "cyprus umber" (dark brown) in a triangle shape to the outer corner and blend toward the center of your crease. Do the same for your inner corner, dragging the color toward the center of your crease. 

Your eyeshadow should now be a deeper brown in your crease, fading lighter as it reaches the brow bone, with concealer still showing through on the main part of your eyelid. Try to keep your darker shadows contained to the areas you originally applied them to in order to keep this look from appearing muddy.

Step three: 

Next, I take a flat eyeshadow brush and my concealer to shape a half-circle onto the center of my eyelid. The roundest part of the circle should be approaching your crease. Be sure to not bring the concealer too high up into your crease. Pick your brightest red eyeshadow (I used one from the Morphe X James Charles palette) and pack in onto the concealer you just applied. 

Add your brightest pink eyeshadow to your lower lash line, blending it out slightly. With a small brush, add more concealer on top of the red eyeshadow you applied in a narrow line. 

Final steps:

While the concealer is a tacky texture, add loose glitter. If you don’t have glitter, use a light shimmer shade that will complement the rest of your look. Next, add highlighter to your inner corner and brow bone to brighten up the look. Add liner and mascara to complete!

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