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Yeezy Season 8 inspired by Kanye's spirituality, service work

<p>North West, the 6-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, performed at YEEZY Season 8's surprise show at Paris Fashion Week.&nbsp;</p>

North West, the 6-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, performed at YEEZY Season 8's surprise show at Paris Fashion Week. 

In true Kanye West fashion, the Renaissance man released his YEEZY Season 8 collection during a surprise show following his Sunday Service for Paris Fashion Week last Monday. The show included a new vision for YEEZY, stunning models for the collection and a performance from his daughter, North West.

Kanye West held his religious Sunday Service mass at the Bouffes du Nord theater. The 90 minute service of praise included 120 singers of his incredibly talented Sunday Service choir.

Following the service, attendees were informed of the surprise YEEZY fashion show and led to the Oscar Niemeyer-designed headquarters of France’s Communist Party. The venue was only right for architecture-loving Kanye West to debut Season 8.

Although the focus was meant to be on the new collection, North West, Kanye West’s six-year old daughter, stole the show. Dressed in all YEEZY, she closed out the show with a performance of her own remix of ZaZa’s “What I Do?” and the internet was obsessed. She exuded confidence as she rapped in front of an audience that included Anna Wintour, Vogue’s editor-in-chief and fashion icon, and a very proud Kanye West.

The collection itself encapsulated the all-new vision for YEEZY fashion. Whereas past seasons have been inspired by military wear, Season 8 is inspired by hazmat wear, service workers, experimental design and spirituality. In an interview on the sidelines of the show, Kanye West said, “Now that I am saved, I think about the way I use the clothes and the way I present the models, and it’s a whole different mentality to have.”

The main concept behind the collection is to create fashion for service workers, like the nannies, housekeepers and chefs that he employs in his own home. “I just think people haven’t taken time to think about and design for these people,” he said. Although prices have not been released, Kanye West also noted that the pieces will most likely be more affordable than past releases.

Past seasons of YEEZY have revolved around earth tones, the iconic YEEZY Boost 350 sneakers, streetwear and the athleisure we have seen his wife, Kim Kardashian, wearing everywhere she goes. Kanye West found a way to bring these key elements that YEEZY is known for and redesign them in a unique and interesting way as an attest to his new vision.

The earth-toned puffer jackets, crop tops, leggings, hazmat inspired hoods, boots and slides the models beautifully wore were created mostly from muslin and wool and are part of an unfinished, experimental design. 

The designs that, like the presentation of the collection, fluctuate between minimalist and futuristic, carry a trace of the Kardashian-West home in Cody, Wyoming. 

While the pieces are still in development, Kanye has a clear vision of the future production. “The wool will be (from the sheep on my ranch). We’re just looking at different ways to approach things. Ninety percent of this collection is muslin in its organic fabric. We’ve been looking at how we can create a suede effect or how we can dye it. This is all experimental. Each one of the pieces here is in its infant stage. They’re all new inventions and new approaches to apparel. Now I’m looking at them and thinking, where I can take them with their colors and forms,” Kanye West said.

In my own opinion, Season 8 is my favorite YEEZY Season to date. Although it’s hard to imagine the new collection will produce a piece as iconic as the Adidas X YEEZY 350s from Season 1 or the adored athleisure sets from Seasons 6 and 7, Season 8 may match their longevity. 

The vision for the consumers of Season 8 to be regular people is historic, as most high fashion brands target wealthy consumers with luxury products. In addition, big shoes and puffer jackets are increasing in popularity as consumers strive for bold pieces and the hottest trends. 

The contrast between pieces such as hazmat-inspired hoods that cover you up and crop tops that expose you allow for consumers to express themselves in different ways. And who wouldn’t want a pair of leggings that walked down a runway to North West’s performance? 

You don't have to know much about Kanye West to know that he does things differently, and by his own means. Whether it is with his music, his entrepreneurship or his fashion design, Kanye West always has a vision to bring to life.

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