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Introducing Routure: Rutgers' much-needed fashion magazine

Routure Magazine is Rutgers' first-ever fashion magazine, and Editor-in-Chief Lashindra Sam explains why you should join.
Photo by The Daily TargumRouture Magazine is Rutgers' first-ever fashion magazine, and Editor-in-Chief Lashindra Sam explains why you should join.

It’s peak hour at the Student Activity Center on the College Avenue campus (or as the cool cats call it the SAC), crowded like it is giving out free One Direction reunion tickets. Everybody is minding their own business: Some anxiously waiting from the bus, some on adventures and others bored, but nothing needs to be said because the fit says it all. 

While some students — guilty to say myself — see the world as their runway, showing up to class in a ballgown and a fur coat and others dress on feeling, the great thing about Rutgers is that all fashion is Rutgers fashion. It doesn’t matter if it’s sweatpants or heels casually strolling around the Livingston circle, Rutgers street fashion is too good to go unnoticed — and it’s about time it does go noticed. 

Crediting other fashion-based organizations here at Rutgers, there are so many options that celebrate the styles and identities of individuals here on our alluring campus, but there’s a sensation of internally hyping up a stranger you walk past on your way to class thinking, “Ugh, what an outfit!” that needs to be published. 

Fashion is conceptual art that's defined by the artist that practices it. Routure Magazine (a hybrid of both the words Rutgers and couture) is a fashion magazine that promotes beauty, style, confidence and campus high fashion through magazine writing and editorial photography. Still not convinced? 

Here are reasons why Rutgers needs a fashion magazine:

You can’t spell “couture” without RU

Google defines the word couture as “fashionable made-to-measure” and that is the exact word to describe Rutgers fashion. Our campus couture is made to measure all 50,000 personalities and aesthetics. 

Rutgers couture is going to a game and subconsciously spending almost the night before trying to find the perfect game day outfit without even thinking that you could simply just put together something that’s red, white or black. 

Rutgers couture is the ability to make a sweatpants-kind-of-day outfit look like you’re Bella Hadid roaming the streets of Soho, New York. It’s the kind of “drip” that’s so underrated it even blocks confidence. After having that mini photoshoot on your phone, you may have joked and said, “If this isn’t featured in Vogue I don’t know what will!” 

But why does that have to be a joke? Why does confidence have to be short-lived and undocumented when you DO belong in a magazine? Stop doubting yourself and find your way to Routure.

You didn’t come this far just to come this far

So, you love fashion and you’ve spent a good portion of your pending academic career here looking for internships and job opportunities but haven't been getting due to lack of experience. You scroll through RU getINVOLVED looking to build your resume as a journalist, photographer, graphic designer or even a business marketer but you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for. 

We’ve all been in that position especially as college students who, of course, are striving for a degree but are faced with the harsh reality that jobs don’t really just care about your degree but your experience in the field. A fashion magazine encompasses all aspects of what jobs are looking for. You work as a team as well as showcase your creativity receiving credit by having your own thoughts, feelings or actions. It’s more than just a fashion magazine. 

It’s an outlet for students, especially for those interested in working for the fashion industry, to get a taste on a smaller scale of what they’re in for. Rutgers is the perfect place and, proudly, I’d say the University of opportunities with the “everybody eats” mentality. Not only does Rutgers having a fashion magazine create external opportunities like internships and jobs in the outside world for students, but it also helps mold and shape the individual to grow from the inside out. 

So you, the fashion enthusiast, completed the first step by enrolling in university or completed the first step in gaining self-love. Now what? Join a fashion magazine to find out.