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Advice on how to be editor-in-chief of ‘The Daily Targum’

(05/04/15 1:07am)

Somewhere, deep within Facebook’s graveyard of forgotten posts, there’s a picture of me, smiling, with a Targum in hand. Nothing in the background is distinguishable but Targums –– layers upon layers of Targums –– looking like waves of ink and paper ready to crash down on my unsuspecting body. It was taken on my 22nd birthday, after my roommates decided it would be funny to cover my entire side of the room with that day’s issues. Today, I look back at this picture and reflect on how perfectly it epitomizes my college career: At times, Targums flooded every nook and cranny of my life, but somehow, I didn’t drown. Instead, I look back, smiling.

Yik Yak shows desire for authentic community within U.

(04/09/15 12:26am)

When William D. Cohen of the New York Times asked Jim Goetz, partner at Sequoia Capital venture capitalist firm, why he chose to invest in Yik Yak, he responded, “Yik Yak has tapped our desire to connect authentically with those around us. Its hyper-local forums provide a sense of community and a place to be our genuine selves, and that’s really resonated with millions of people, myself included.” 

Some yaks should no longer be anonymous

(03/08/15 11:31pm)

Timehop plays an important role in our digitally-driven lives. Not only is it a great archivist for "#tbts" and "#TransformationTuesdays," but it serves as our unofficial watchdog. The app haunts us with dozens of "Posts of Facebook Past." Perhaps you forgot about status-ing emotional Taking Back Sunday lyrics accompanied by tildes and less than threes or "prof pic’ing" a selfie of you wearing a sideways snapback. Timehop doesn’t. Still, the daily cringes that Timehop inspires serve as important reminders that we must use social media responsibly. I’m more inclined to tell myself, “Alex, is kissing a bottle of Patron an appropriate pose for a picture that may go on Instagram? I doubt the career-driven, family-focused Alex of the future will approve.”

Board 147 looks to improve upon predecessors

(02/09/15 6:24am)

The Daily Targum has had a rich 147 years of history, from covering the first collegiate football game and suggesting that Rutgers change its color to scarlet to gaining its independence from the University. This year alone, the Targum covered a great deal of big news, such as the Condoleezza Rice protests, Rutgers’ entering the Big Ten Conference and New Brunswick’s #BlackLivesMatter demonstrations.

Stories from skeptic, believer after visit to local psychic

(10/29/14 4:44am)

In the spirit of Halloween, five Targum editors paid a visit to the local psychic to find out what the deal is with those mysterious side-of-the-road fortunetellers. With some approaching the endeavor with nervous superstition and others with a roll of the eyes, each editor walked away invigorated and reassured regardless of those initial sentiments. Editor-in-Chief Alexandra R. Meier and Features Editor Brenda Stolyar share their contradicting experiences after visiting Miss Sally on Easton Avenue. 

The ignominy of being ‘fresh’: Why we really hate freshmen

(09/23/14 11:43pm)

As a person who experiences approximately 5 percent of cerebral activity on the left side of her brain, I’ve spent the majority of my college years adamantly avoiding tip calculations and Busch campus. While I’d mastered the art of casually brushing checks aside, mastering Course Schedule Planner proved to be too ambitious an endeavor.