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Food is your best friend, helps you in times of need

(11/02/15 12:20am)

Last week, I had a bit of a rough time. My midterms hadn't gone quite as planned, job applications were really starting to pile up and a dress I had been waiting to be delivered for months, didn't fit me right. So last Friday, as I was walking home from my class — and away from the worst week I've had in months — I knew things were going bad, and I just wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. So I had to do the most logical thing I could think of doing — I ordered Hansel.

Celebrating Halloween is part of college experience

(10/18/15 6:20pm)

So the best time of the year is rolling around, yeah, you guessed it! It's Halloween time. Cue the candy, the movies on ABC, the candy, the creepy decorations and the candy. But what's the best thing about Halloween? You guessed again, the costumes. This is the time of year where you get to be whatever you want, whoever you want, wherever you want.

Living for other people, ‘likes’ wastes valuable experiences

(10/01/15 11:57pm)

The other day, my roommates and I were making plans for going on Spring Break. Beyond my excitement about the warm and sunny beach, horseback riding in the water (it’s a thing) and having dinner in a cave (also a thing), I suddenly found myself thinking about our trip in a series of Instagram posts, which really got me thinking.

Spring break is best time to explore, leave comfort zone

(09/18/15 12:07am)

Hey friends, so as the semester begins to carry on and we leave summer behind (R.I.P.), it’s time to start thinking about what really matters — spring break. I know it may be a bit early — about six months too early — but hear me out. Spring break is only about a week long and most of us are only going to go away for five days or so. To fully take advantage of this time, we need to plan, and I mean plan everything from the moment we walk into the hotel to the second we wobble out a few days later.

Traveling experience is beneficial for personal growth

(09/13/15 9:46pm)

So I won’t sit here and preach about how some “Eat Pray Love” traveling experience will change your life forever. I won’t do that, because you’ll hate me for it — The Targum won’t print it and Julia Roberts did a better job at it. What I am going to do is try and explain that through my experiences traveling really did change my life. Before you turn the page, roll your eyes or chuckle at my romantic and silly fallacies about traveling, I will have you know that I am an incredibly logical person. I eat oats in the morning, get my papers done before 4 a.m. and, perhaps the highest indication of responsibility and reliability, I wash my dishes immediately after using them.