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Sundown Blues: How daylight saving time will lift moods

(03/12/19 4:00am)

It seems like Rutgers never canceling classes on snow days is one of the worst parts of winter. Or maybe it’s getting stranded on the highway as you take the bus to class on a day with dreadful weather. But the truth is, these are nothing but inconveniences that dull in comparison to some of the more somber aspects of winter that many of us know too well. 

Subgenres move music industry, creating new traditions

(03/08/19 5:00am)

Just as music is the lifeblood of culture, subgenres are similarly the lifeblood of the music industry. Umbrella genres of music, such as hip-hop and rock, have influenced hundreds of subgenres in which artists fall into different niches and explore different styles. For decades, these subgenres have served as industry milestones, responsible for some of the greatest chart-toppers and artists of today. Here’s a list of some of the most popular subgenres of music:

Smollett scam may become bludgeon against minorities

(03/01/19 5:00am)

More often than not, we are on the edge of our seats, glued to the TV as national news stories unfold, taking various twists and turns for weeks before arriving to the truth. From police car chases to murder investigations and missing persons cases, people show that no matter how jaded life may make us, humans have an innate tendency to seek justice. 

OMANA: Consumerism, celebrity idolization pushes unethical fashion

(02/27/19 5:00am)

From movies to magazines to social media, it feels like the pressure to look perfect and dress like a fashionista is only rising. While celebrities have always had tremendous impact on consumerism, their impact is even more so today as more and more people fall in debt or become a slave to cosmetic surgeries and procedures, trying to keep up with this perfect, glamorous, "Insta" look. 

Esquire starts media maelstrom around representation

(02/21/19 5:00am)

Magazines, with their addiction to airbrushing and shock-value cover stories, have consistently sent people into a frenzy. From the 1991 Vanity Fair cover in which Demi Moore posed naked while pregnant to the 2012 Time Magazine cover of a mother breastfeeding her 3-year-old son, magazine covers have often been the subject of much debate and criticism. But that criticism constantly evolves. 

OMANA: Liam Neeson showcases blatant racism most hold implicitly

(02/12/19 5:00am)

If you are a person of color, particularly if your skin and features are not racially deceiving, there is usually a “talk” your parents will have with you at a very young age. “Don’t let anyone mess with you.” “You’re going to have to work twice as hard, just to get half as far.” “You can’t go here or there.” As a Latin American woman, I have heard this my whole life and was not taught to, but grew to understand, that I can almost never let my guard down. 

Host or no host: Do award shows need celebrity guides?

(02/12/19 5:00am)

Glitz, glamour, movie royalty and award statues of a very muscular gold man – the Oscars has it all. The 91st Academy Awards will air Feb. 24, but unlike previous years, it seems the world has been talking about the Oscars a lot more than usual. This year, the Oscars will air with no host for the first time in 30 years, and headline after headline shows that people can’t get enough of this story. 

Creatives at Rutgers hopeful about perilous industries

(02/08/19 5:00am)

If Tinah Ogalo, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, isn't in class, she's either at her internship, working at her on-campus job, holding down her executive board position at her sorority or on her phone making business calls and strategically posting online. It’s part of the life as a major in journalism and media studies and a brand ambassador on Instagram.