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Federal reserve encourages growth of national debt

(12/03/14 2:43am)

Our country is running out of money. No, really, the well has run dry. Today, the United States Federal Government has a debt totaling more than $18 trillion. But not to worry — it’s actually those damn Republicans who want to cut entitlement spending that will destroy the economy. Their minor cuts in projected increases in spending will surely be the catalyst for financial disaster here at home. There is no way the costly policies of the Federal Reserve negatively impact the marketplace, right? Well, newsflash: We’re broke, and they do. The United States has not been this financially unstable since World War II and the Great Depression.

Solution to War on Drugs issue of civil liberties, rights

(11/19/14 2:34am)

Take a walk in the park as a suburban white man smoking a joint, and you will most likely feel remotely safe. Now, take the same walk but in an urban area as a black man, and you might not feel that same way. In fact, you’re more likely to be disproportionately victim to America’s great War on Drugs. This is the reality of our nation’s desire to legislate morality and interfere in the free market. Since liberty is a whole, it is difficult to orchestrate social policy, which does not impact economic outcomes and vice versa. Today in the United States, we are experiencing what author Michelle Alexander coined in her book, “The New Jim Crow.” As the War on Drugs continues under both establishment Democrats and Republicans alike, it is time Americans looked inward and challenged themselves as much as they do their elected officials on exactly what it means to legalize drugs.

Corruption continues to plague Obama administration

(11/05/14 2:00am)

Flash back to 2008 when America was optimistic for the coming shift in our nation’s leadership. Many who never have before came out to vote, in confidence that a new face would help to redefine what 21st century America looked like. The hope and change pushed by the Obama camp convinced the United States public that America could pull up its bootstraps and get back to work. This sentiment — fueled in large part by grassroots activism — came in refreshing contrast to typical American political followings.

Voters should take advantage of changing paradigm

(10/22/14 1:18am)

It’s election season. I’m not talking about New Brunswick City Council or about student government —I’m talking about the 2014 midterm elections. In other words, much of the United States Congress is up for re-election. This is a time for new faces, new ideas and new money to enter our legislature, although that rarely happens. The midterm elections of a president’s second term don’t exactly turn out well for the party in the White House. Just as former-President George W. Bush’s approval rating tanked and the Democratic Party gained control of the legislature in 2006, President Barack Obama has experienced a similar political climate. The 2014 midterm elections will pave the way for the 2016 presidential election, especially the shifting paradigm in American politics. This change in our country’s political discourse will turn the current ideals of our two main political parties on their heads.

Embrace morality of free market economy

(10/08/14 3:15am)

The free market is the moral option when it comes to economic systems. This is something you don’t hear everyday, especially in progressive academia. But what is it about the free market that makes it superior to other potential economic models? Are capitalists truly greedy pigs, or are they self-interested humans who increase our prosperity? What about entrepreneurs who employ themselves? The key to understanding the free market is that it is synonymous with free choice and a free society. A truly free market has characteristics of peace and prosperity: competing currencies, innovation, business competition, spontaneous order and the non-aggression principle. These realities of liberty foster an environment of equal opportunity.

Free speech zones on campus unlawful, immoral

(09/24/14 1:48am)

Today across the nation, American’s rights are being violated in more ways than one. When you hear the phrase “rights violated,” one normally assumes police brutality or blatantly discriminatory laws — but this is not always the case. A public university official silencing you is also a violation of your rights. As Scarlet Knights we have the honor of attending one of the most historical universities in the world. Founded in 1766 as Queen’s College in the enlightenment of free thought during the colonial era, Rutgers University was once symbolic of a free academia. Our University was erected during a time which laid the foundation for our Constitution -- free speech, free association and free thought.

Ferguson events reflect big government, militarization

(09/09/14 8:56pm)

The events that recently unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri warranted a national discussion regarding the militarization of our nation’s domestic police force. Now that the media has had their news cycle fix on Ferguson coverage, it is their time to beat a dead horse regarding a plethora of distracting issues — be it another missing plane or some lousy, social media “national holiday” (sorry, Instagrammers). The reality of a militarized police force hasn’t gone away since cable news networks have stopped their debatable coverage of Ferguson. It is fair to demand a more sane, less militarized police.

Libertarianism offers fresh perspective on politics

(04/23/14 4:00am)

Every election, America faces a battle between two dominant political parties, which in turn divides America. We bicker about the opposing party’s policies and are distracted by trivial matters. We then elect a new president who typically behaves similarly to the one prior. Four or eight years down the road, half the country regrets who they cast their vote for. This scenario has essentially been an ongoing ordeal for decades. The American people have let the establishment of the two dominating parties overshadow the possibility of new voices in American politics. But there is a fresh alternative to the Democrats and Republicans we have all come to love and hate: Libertarians.

Corporatism is the problem with economy, not capitalism

(04/09/14 4:00am)

When critics of a capitalist economy express their concerns over the economic system’s shortfalls, they pull from a laundry list of stereotypical ideas. These critiques, embedded in the notion that we currently have a purely capitalist system, often ignore many realities of our economy. This includes the idea that the United States does not have a purely capitalist system and that our economic system is in fact a mixed-market — or corporatist. In my experience debating the merits of a free society over that of a socialist system, many liberals often suggests that a few individuals control our “capitalist” economy. These individuals, they claim, are those capitalists who control a majority of the economy and therefore use their position of power to control politics. Whereas, I would argue that these “one percenters” are in fact a result of not a capitalist economy, but a corporatist one — one in which the government works with the special interest. When our economy is manipulated by Keynesian Federal Reserve policy, taxes and prohibitions, our society is not exactly a “free” one.

NSA spying programs violate constitutional rights

(03/26/14 4:00am)

Just over 25 years ago, citizens of East Germany were subject to unethical spying by their own government. The Stasi, who were the official state police for the Soviet Union, spied on anyone they deemed a threat to the party and therefore the state. These innocent people were often artists, those in religious circles or outright rebels. The realities of such authoritarian practices are illustrated in the 2006 German film “Das Leben Der Anderen.” Since then, such practices were generally deemed unacceptable by any government. Today, the National Security Agency is doing just that.

Global unrest indicates desire for change

(03/05/14 5:00am)

Today, across the globe, there is a strong thirst for liberty. As revolution after revolution establishes this period in history as one of a generation of internet-savvy protesters, the world must facilitate open dialogue now more than ever. The realities of the Arab Spring, the current conflicts in the Ukraine and Syria and domestic movements such as Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party all have one ideal in common: positive change. But where does this thirst for change come from? One could point to recent economic turmoil across the globe, including the devaluation of the dollar and many other currencies. Additionally, many protesters are out in the streets demanding social change, and in doing so they illustrate the political prosecutions enacted by governments all over the world, including our own. With the revelations of global spying by whistle-blower Edward Snowden and the ability to organize via social media and the Internet, concerned citizens of the globe are standing against tyranny. But how exactly is America involved in this time of uncertainty?

Marijuana legalization policy is an issue of liberty

(02/19/14 5:00am)

In 2012, two states legalized the recreational sale and use of marijuana. There are already 16 states that have decriminalized marijuana possession in addition to the 20 states and the District of Columbia that have liberated their medical marijuana markets. Colorado — the landmark state for the end of marijuana prohibition — recorded more than $5 million in sales on their first week of business. It is clear that America’s opinion has changed regarding pot laws when such news grabs our nation’s headlines. A Gallup poll conducted this past fall illustrated that a majority of Americans now support legalized marijuana, and many people recognize the failure of our nation’s war on drugs. Regardless of the politics that hinder ending marijuana prohibition, the issue is one concerning liberty and the free market.

State of the Union Address failed to inform public

(01/30/14 5:00am)

This past Tuesday evening, President Obama addressed the nation in the midst of a focal point in American history. 2013 was not exactly the best year for the leader of the free world, as one could cite his first two years, or even his whole first term, as more successful. In his first term, the president enacted several landmark pieces of legislation including the Affordable Care Act and the 2009 stimulus package, not to mention the death of Osama bin Laden.

Voters cannot continue to support two-party system

(12/04/13 5:00am)

Fast forward just three short years: It is 2016 and you either recently graduated college, or you will soon. The bills are starting to pile up, your student debt looms over your head as much as your parents’ bickering about your job prospects, and you can’t seem to obtain a reasonable health insurance plan under Obamacare. Then bam: These cheesy-smiling, celebrity candidates with hairdos to envy emerge onto the national stage. You guessed it, election season has arrived.

Today’s political establishment distracts from truth

(10/23/13 4:00am)

Most people acknowledge there is something wrong in Washington today. The people I talk politics with are either uninterested to the point of ignorance or are informed to a degree that evokes frustration. But there is a bigger picture here. As our nation deals with the rollout of the Affordable Healthcare Act, the National Security Agency’s data mining and the mainstream media’s lack of hard coverage, Americans must understand we are the audience of the best-rated drama series on television.