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Woo your Valentine’s Day lover with soft, romantic makeup

(02/12/16 5:15am)

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and whether you’re looking forward to a night out with your significant other or hurrying to make last minute plans, it’s always a fun excuse to experiment with a new beauty look to spice-up your daily routine. Even if you’re a self-proclaimed Valentine's Day grinch, we've got you covered on a few Valentine’s day inspired makeup ideas that will have you looking irresistible in no time.

Tips for holiday shopping on a college budget

(12/20/15 4:00pm)

The holiday season has finally arrived! Every retail store is packed with eye-catching red and gold displays, while Santa makes his appearances for family photos at the mall. As the conclusion of the semester is right at our fingertips, finals begin to creep up on everyone's calendar. Holiday shopping is probably the last thing on your long list of errands to run, but don’t worry too much — Inside Beat is empathetic to your seasonal struggle — we’ve come up with some tips to help you holiday shop on a budget without making your wallet cry!

Embrace fall foliage with DIY pumpkin nails

(10/26/15 10:03pm)

Fall has arrived in all its glory, which means descending jewel-tone leaves, chilly winds and accepting the unescapable — pumpkin spice flavored everything. Even though you might find yourself bundling up in scarves and other autumn accessories, those toasty tech gloves will have to come off at some point, so don't let your manicure suffer from the cold. Ring in the new season with this simple do-it-yourself pumpkin patch inspired nail design!

Yoga offers relaxing change of pace for those in fitness funk

(04/17/15 5:39am)

As we inch toward the end of the semester and beautiful weather awakens the campus community, constant pressure to get that long-awaited “beach bod” for the summer season becomes increasingly relevant with each passing day. With rising temperatures also comes the pressure of upcoming exams, and internship searches slowly creeping up our spines. During these hectic final weeks to relieve stress, let Inside Beat provide you with a solution to get in shape, relax and improve mental health: yoga.

Stay healthy, simple ideas to avoid catching Rutgers plague

(03/26/15 9:36pm)

‘Tis the season of sneezing, coughing and sniffling. Nothing is more distracting than trying to study when the person next to you at Club Alex is hacking up a lung or trying to sleep when your nose is more stuffed than a Thanksgiving turkey. While the wintry ice has melted and the sounds of birds chirping are heard around campus, strains of the “Rutgers plague” still linger. Let Inside Beat help you channel your inner germophobe with these helpful tips.

DIY Nails for Valentine's Day

(02/13/15 1:14am)

This Valentine's Day, channel the holiday spirit and wear your heart on your nails instead of your sleeve. Fabulous nails are in style all year 'round, so don’t settle for your average French manicure. This cute nail idea will put you in the mood to impress that special someone, while trying something a little different! We’ve fallen head over heels for this simple, trendy, easy design for DIY "Heart Monitor" nails.

Thomas Sweet offers Valentines Day treats

(02/13/15 1:18am)

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day and chocolate go hand-in-hand. From chocolate-covered strawberries to candy hearts, this holiday isn’t complete without satisfying your craving for a sugary treat. Whether you’re happily in a relationship, searching for “bae,” or perfectly content with singledom, one local chocolatier stands out from the rest to help us celebrate our favorite sappy holiday. Thomas Sweet, both a gift store and ice cream shop, is situated right near the intersection of Easton Avenue and Hamilton Street. 

Thomas Sweet brings warm atmosphere, cold treats to Rutgers

(02/05/15 12:24am)

The cold might be hitting hard, but the craving for ice cream is still going strong. Easton Avenue is full of convenience stores selling Ben & Jerry’s by the pint and frozen yogurt shops promising a healthy alternative to the classic treat, but one authentic ice cream shop holds its own. Thomas Sweet, right next to the intersection of Easton and Hamilton, is a cozy hole-in-the-wall location consisting of two neighboring stores. The left shop is stocked full with selections of gourmet chocolates, truffles, fudge and an assortment of candies that rival Willy Wonka’s factory. The shop on the right serves an extensive menu of fresh homemade ice cream. The ice cream shop itself is welcoming with colorful tiles and paintings on the walls, twinkling lights hanging from the windows and an old-fashioned vibe. Upon walking in, the first thing that catches the eye is the collection of fancy cakes. The menu, up on whiteboards on the wall, begins with basic items: a list of the day’s flavors and a description of toppings and extras such as waffle cones or sprinkles. They offer regular ice cream, frozen yogurt and blend-ins. On the wall toward the right, the menu contains an assortment of different sundaes, milkshakes, ice cream sodas, floats, smoothies and homemade ice cream cakes, as well as coffee, tea and hot chocolate. The menu is topped off by specialty items like “Fat Thomas” and “wiTcheS.” The “Fat Thomas” is a huge sundae containing ten ice cream scoops, ten toppings, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry and the “wiTcheS” is any choice of ice cream sandwiched between two fluffy Belgian waffles or big cookies. I looked over the menu and decided to try the “wiTcheS” item with cake batter ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies for $4.25. The ice cream was light, but pleasantly creamy at the same time. The cookie was perfect — it was starting to harden next to the ice cream, but still maintained a soft and chewy texture. After a while, the cake batter ice cream became overwhelming and a little too sweet for my taste, but the cookie stayed satisfying — a good complement. After asking the staff what item was the most popular with customers, I decided to try a small blend-in, which is where a flavor of ice cream is expertly blended with the customer’s topping of choice — for $4.67. This item was by far my favorite. I chose cookies n’ cream with a topping of Thin Mints. This combination was successful. The topping and ice cream were so blended together that it almost began to taste like its own unique flavor. The blend-in was incredibly smooth and refreshing, with the texture of soft serve ice cream, but richer and of better quality. I would definitely try this item again, but next time with a different flavor and topping.Overall, I would recommend Thomas Sweet to anyone who has a sweet tooth or loves luxurious desserts.  It takes the cake for one of the warmest, most comfortable places to enjoy homemade ice cream. If your feeling intimidated by all of the options, don’t be afraid to ask for samples!

Go beyond ordinary with hidden Rutgers programs

(10/10/14 1:58am)

We all know college is the time to explore new opportunities, find yourself and figure out what you really want to study. But let’s be honest — how many people do you know majoring in biology, psychology or business? If the typical, run-of-the-mill majors aren’t your thing, there are plenty of unusual, hidden programs of study that might spark your interest. Here are some programs you don’t hear every day. Who knows — you might just find your future calling.