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SAJU: Weaponization of social media intensifies damages of hate

(03/25/19 4:00am)

“Terrorism is the propaganda of the deed, and the terrorist is always as interested in his audience as his victim … But social media makes this vector much more powerful. We become host to the virus, and we accelerate its spread,” said Reid Meloy, a forensic psychologist and consultant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

SAJU: Benefits from privilege come with duty to extend gains to all

(02/18/19 5:00am)

Privilege is the idea that some people benefit from advantages that are unearned and are, for the most part, unacknowledged. An individual will have privilege in at least one aspect of their identity: race, skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, socioeconomic background, mental wellness, physical ability, physical appearance and/or immigration status. 

We need to understand real meaning of self-care for benefits

(02/04/19 5:00am)

My piece this week is inspired by Brianna Wiest’s article “This Is What ‘Self-Care’ REALLY Means, Because It’s Not All Salt Baths And Chocolate Cake.” This article will be based off the ideas discussed in Wiest’s piece, as they have caused me to re-examine and research what self-care entails, socially, politically and economically in present-day American society. 

SAJU: Voting on Nov. 6 is absolute necessity

(10/29/18 12:41am)

As a nation, we stand at a crossroads. The time is coming for us to choose who we are and what we choose to fight for. History is being made at this moment, and years from now when we look back at this time in the pages of a social studies textbook, there are two possible reactions for how we can feel. We can remark on how far we have come and how much progress has been made or we will look back and remember a better time. 

SAJU: Attempting to define 'real' Americans is dangerous

(10/01/18 1:08am)

Immigration is the blood that gives life to the governing body of the United States. Without it, America would have never developed into the nation that we know today and the flow of new ideas and perspectives would cease to exist. Generations of immigrants built this country with their hard work and determination to achieve the American Dream. Yet, we readily accept the narrative of the so called self-made man while forgetting that this land was taken from indigenous people and built on the backs of enslaved people.