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Supporting Jewish community, why Rutgers needs Hillel

(04/30/15 1:17am)

Both overseas and nationally, we see violence and prejudice against Jews across the globe rising in number every year — with recent events like Charlie Hebdo and Hypercacher. We are seeing a time where people are once again afraid to be kippah-clad on the streets of Paris and Rome. However on a more insular and personal level, Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) measures are right on our doorsteps, with proposals being put to vote through the student government of Princeton University as we speak. Ever present bombardments of Anti-Israeli statements are constantly made on multiple platforms of publishing on University campuses that do nothing but stunt conversation between student groups. We have calls for armed uprisings against Israel, with slogans such as “From Ferguson to Gaza, Intifada Intifada!,” with recent Yik Yak messages reading “Shame on Rutgers for selling them that land” and “Why do they even need one of those,” in regards to the construction of the new Hillel building. It leaves me in awe as I wonder what could make educated individuals hate a group of people so blindly.