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Transgender Day of Visibility vital for trans representation

(04/02/15 11:34pm)

Generally speaking, transgender identification is rarely discussed at the University. Throughout our lecture halls, undergraduate courses often ignore discussions on transgender lived experiences. Indeed, transgender pedagogy often remains missing from the classroom, as theories on gender identity are rarely discussed during in-class readings, and many classrooms avoid critiques of sociocultural cissexism and transphobia. Within our University, classrooms often stray away from discussing transgender-related issues and experiences — many academic courses remain solely centered around cisgender experiences instead.

Caution necessary when communicating on Twitter

(02/27/15 12:41am)

When I first began doing freelance writing in 2013, I always knew networking was the life blood of my career. In order to get published, you need to build professional relationships with potential employers. So, even if writing is largely an introverted activity, budding freelance writers always need to be on top of their social networking skills.

U. online facial recognition system presents major privacy risk

(02/12/15 11:55pm)

Are you planning on taking an online course at Rutgers next semester? Then you might need to download University-sanctioned software that will track your facial identity, photo ID and browser activity. According to an article published on New Brunswick Today by Daniel Munoz this past weekend, Rutgers University has implemented a recognition suite called ProctorTrack for online courses. ProctorTrack records face, knuckle and personal identification details during online courses. Munoz also notes that the system “keeps track of all activity in the monitor, browser, webcam and microphone” throughout each session.

Sexual harassment remains major concern in professor-student relationships

(01/30/15 2:18am)

For many undergraduate students, working alongside an esteemed professor is a major achievement. Professors hold a vast catalog of knowledge to share with undergraduate students. Building a professional relationship with an experienced faculty member should be an exciting opportunity, which allows both the professor and their student to learn from one another.

NFL must actively work toward ending domestic abuse

(12/02/14 2:07am)

Last February, entertainment news network TMZ released a video exposing former Rutgers football player Ray Rice dragging his then-fiancée’s unconscious body from an elevator after physically assaulting her. The NFL suspended Rice for two games after the Baltimore Ravens player was indicted by a grand jury for third-degree aggravated assault in March. Commissioner Roger Goodell further suspended Rice from the league in September after a second video surfaced of Rice assaulting his wife. However, the video itself appeared to have confirmed information Goodell was completely aware of at the original time of Rice’s first suspension, suggesting Goodell’s original decision reflected a lax approach to Rice’s violent behavior.

Reframing trigger warning discussion necessary for compromise

(11/18/14 2:50am)

Go f--- off a bridge, you coddling little s---,” is not a message that most people particularly want in their inbox. Yet this was the start of a rather lengthy rant I received on Reddit (of all places) about my trigger warning article, “Trigger warnings needed in classroom.” After hosting a mock AMA on Reddit, several people began saying that I was “ruining academia,” “infecting academia with social justice warriors,” and other hyperbolic nonsense.

Amidst industry crisis, important to remember why gamers play

(10/21/14 1:17am)

In the past few months, the video game community has been set aflame by “#gamergate,” an industry-wide campaign surrounding journalistic integrity within the gaming journalism industry. The movement has remained a highly controversial issue, largely due increasing concerns with harassment, death threats and abuse apologism from users across all sides of the issue. As a result, the gaming community has been largely divided on GamerGate. In some cases, friendships have been driven apart, communities have been left largely damaged and major sponsors have pulled out of supporting Gamasutra, Gawker media and other publications.

Twitter harassment adulterates good faith discussions

(09/08/14 2:58am)

Admittedly, I had an interesting summer this year. As soon as last semester ended, The New York Times used my editorial column about trigger warning activism in a feature story about trigger warnings in collegiate education. The BBC and Huffington Post LIVE proceeded to interview me about my work, as dozens of national and international publications introduced me as “the Rutgers student who called for trigger warnings in the Great Gatsby.” 

Corruption evident in Rutgers administration's selection process

(05/08/14 10:16pm)

On May 3, Condoleezza Rice broke national headlines upon rescinding her invitation as the Rutgers Class of 2014 commencement speaker. Via a Facebook post at 8:47 a.m., Rice noted that the invitation "has become a distraction for the university community at this very special time," and, indirectly referencing the #NoRice student protest, stated, "I understand and embrace the purpose of the commencement ceremony and I am simply unwilling to detract from it in any way."

Crisis in Ukraine affects communities in America

(04/22/14 4:00am)

Barely hours into Moscow’s Saturday evening Easter services, cries of “Christos voskres! Voistinu voskres!” were intermingled with calls for action against sovereign Ukraine. The Russian Orthodox patriarch of Moscow, Patriarch Kirill, buffered messages of Christian spirituality with calls for, “an end to the designs of those who want to destroy holy Russia” during Moscow’s Resurrection Matins services. The Russian patriarch’s phrases hearkened back to the imperialistic ideologies of pan-Slavism, as Patriarch Kirill spoke of Ukraine’s “spiritually and historically” linked relationship with Russia.

Derogatory slurs inappropriate on college campus

(03/25/14 4:00am)

Last August, the nonprofit lesbian, gay, bisexual and questioning advocacy group Campus Pride published its annual top 25 report on “LGBT-friendly Colleges & Universities” in the United States. Alongside such prestigious universities as Princeton, Ithaca College and Stanford University, Campus Pride’s 2013 listing proudly ranked Rutgers among the most inclusive in the nation. Indeed, the ranking is certainly a source of honor — Rutgers even acknowledges the achievement on its website’s “National Rankings” section.

Representation imperative to positive social experience

(03/04/14 5:00am)

During the winter break, I pushed myself to create a list of books, movies and video games to enjoy during my two months off. Needless to say, I didn’t make it very far. I only made a few hours’ progress into “EarthBound,” and I barely scratched the surface of Arthur C. Clarke’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” However, during my last few weeks of break, I stumbled across a serialized graphic manga that I had heard about in passing. I quickly fell in love with the piece — not just because of its intricate storyline, but because the novel featured two transgender characters.

Trigger warnings needed in classroom

(02/18/14 5:00am)

As any humanities student knows, studying art is an emotionally draining experience. At Rutgers University, for instance, literature courses often cover five to seven works per semester — which for many English majors, can include as many as 35 novels in four months! Indeed, humanities courses often ask their students to expose themselves to a variety of challenging narratives within a short period of time.

Misogynistic Gaming: The Daily Struggles and Solutions Toward Video Game Sexism

(05/02/13 4:00am)

For School of Arts and Sciences sophomore Meghan Valdes, video games were always a hobby. Valdes ranks games such as “Mass Effect,” “L.A. Noire” and “Grim Fandango” as her favorites. However, despite her passion for gaming, connecting with her favorite video game communities has proven a struggle.

The Violent Nature of Modern Video Gamers

(04/18/13 4:00am)

Six months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Republican Assemblyman Sean Kean resurrected a video game ban act in the New Jersey State Assembly. According to Kean, the violent nature of modern video games remains one of the many causes of school shootings. Under his proposed legislature, “M” and “AO+” rated video games would be banned from minors, unless a parent or guardian supervised the purchase. “The first reaction is we need to do gun control,” Kean said, “but we need to look at other components too.”