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Keeping people, right to bear arms safe

(12/05/14 3:12am)

I am writing in response to the Dec. 3 opinion article in The Daily Targum titled, “US not doing enough to address issue of gun control.” It may surprise people to learn gun violence is not on the rise. According to the Justice Department, the rate of firearm violence in the United States was, in 2011, about a quarter of what it was 1990. You wouldn’t know it watching the news. Immediately in the wake of every new mass shooting, there is always a call for stricter gun control. Recently, there was the Marysville shooting in which one was killed and four wounded. This shooting actually resulted in the passing of legislation requiring universal background checks, due to which a person must submit to background checks every time he or she buys a gun as opposed to only the first. There are plenty of voices demanding even stricter legislation ranging from official registration of every firearm to complete bans. I believe these policies are ill-informed, reactionary and even dangerous. There is no sense or justice in restricting the gun rights of the average law-abiding citizen. What needs to change is our approach to mental health.