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LETTER: Fowler's response to Love, Simon missed important mark

(04/08/18 11:57pm)

On April 5, the Sex and the City column of The Daily Targum criticized “Love, Simon.” The movie, the column claimed, showed a simplistic view of coming out. The parents were too perfect. The movie did not explore the ramifications of a closeted life fully enough. Furthermore, the column argued that the movie failed to include an LGBT female character. Because of this, the writer seemed to claim the movie failed as LGBT representation.

LETTER: Dance Marathon has come long way since its introduction to U.

(04/08/18 11:57pm)

During the winter of the 1970-71 school year, a small group of Zeta Beta Tau fraternity brothers sat in an apartment on Easton Avenue looking for something to do that would be fun, challenging and valuable to the community-at-large. Inspired in part by the recent 1969 movie “They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?” we decided to organize a dance marathon and chose the American Cancer Society (ACS) as the beneficiary. The local ACS chapter blessed us with the invaluable mentoring and hard work of its community volunteers Sandy and Lyn Nacht.

LETTER: Research as undergraduate can be massively valuable

(03/06/18 2:59am)

The year was 1968, and I was a senior at Rutgers — a mere 50 years ago. Two of the greatest thrills that I experienced that year came in the form of an Art History class that I took as an elective and a research project that I chose as a chemistry major. Those Art History lectures were amazing — from Egyptian art, through Impressionism and all the way up to Modern Art. Only a few years ago, when visiting the Orvieto Cathedral in the Umbria region of Italy, the beauty of that Cathedral came back to me in a flash — just like when I first viewed it through my Janson's History of Art book 50 years ago.

LETTER: Muslim Rutgers graduate students are affected by ban

(03/06/18 2:58am)

Around this time last year, many of us took to the streets to protest President Donald J. Trump’s Executive Order 13769, commonly known as the "Muslim ban." While the public demonstrations have been somewhat successful in limiting the effects of the executive order, there have been quite a few negative implications caused by the ban including some casualties. One such casualty on our very own campus is the Graduate Muslim Student Association (GMSA). 

COMMENTARY: U. must acknowledge student parents' need for parking help

(03/05/18 12:46am)

I am Leo Chiaet, and I am the Public Relations coordinator for Rutgers Students With Children. If you see fliers around campus advertising our group in the student centers, they are there because of me, and if you are interested in social justice I strongly recommend reaching out to us at rustudentparents@gmail.com. We need your help. 

LETTER: U. should phase out animal science

(02/21/18 12:40am)

As a Rutgers University alumna, I am writing to urge University President Robert L. Barchi to phase out animal science at Rutgers’ School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. Animal science teaches false beliefs about other animals, health and food, perpetuates mass abuse of nonhuman animals and devastation of the living world — and raising other animals is not agriculture, which means cultivation of fields. The flesh, cow’s milk and egg industries wheedled their way into our colleges of agriculture long ago under false pretenses. Our land-grant universities (LGUs) perpetuate terrible wrongs by continuing to serve, promote and sustain them.

LETTER: People should discuss issues openly and honestly

(11/17/17 2:27am)

I spent the past weekend staying with an intentional community on Staten Island. Apprehensive at first, as I arrived and was handed the key to the house I was to be staying in, which was also a key to all of the buildings owned by the community, I decided to get stuck in as much as I could. The group embrace diversity and only follow four simple rules, with their key goal being to work out problems together. 

LETTER: ‘It’s Okay to be White’ flyer is objectively true, not racist

(11/17/17 2:28am)

A national talking point found new roots at Rutgers University: A flyer. The rhetoric and backlash to this flyer experienced would have many believe David Duke and Richard Spencer were chanting "white power" in front of Brower Commons. No, the contents of a plain, five-word flyer that read "It's okay to be white" would be nothing out of the ordinary if the fifth word was substituted with any other race or nationality, which begs the question: Is it not ok to be white?

LETTER: Commencement speaker is perfect fit despite concerns

(04/21/17 12:24am)

When word came that Steve Van Zandt would be this year’s commencement speaker, many students responded with a quizzical expression. If they had heard his name, it was either as a member of The Sopranos cast or the E Street Band. But Van Zandt needs neither Tony Soprano nor Bruce Springsteen to establish his credentials.

LETTER: Plant-based diets are better for you, animals, planet

(04/21/17 12:26am)

One day it was a sunny, 60 degrees Fahrenheit and I spent my time enjoying the warmth. The next, I woke up and snow was accumulating all around me. Was this normal? I didn’t think so. For those of us in the Rutgers and New Brunswick communities, we’ve noticed this change. The warmer winters and sporadic extremes in weather have caught our attention. What can we do to make a difference?

LETTER: Conservative Union’s use of flyer sends troubling message

(04/09/17 11:25pm)

As a proud Rutgers alumnus, I was disheartened to see the Conservative Union flyer that made the Targum’s front page on March 1, 2017. Although I believe that The Daily Targum should have explained that Dylan Marek's explanation of the five tenets of Islam was inaccurate, I would like to comment on the poster and the Conservative Union itself.

LETTER: Rutgers is already making steps to be religiously literate

(04/09/17 11:23pm)

As a professor of religion, I am, of course, thrilled at the idea of a religious literacy course being required for all Rutgers students. It is a stunningly important topic, and we in the department would love to expand students’ exposure to our field. I think, though, there is a better (and more immediately accessible) way to accomplish the goal of increased understanding across religious difference: a university-wide diversity requirement.

LETTER: Rutgers Conservative Union is ruining name of conservatism at U.

(03/27/17 12:54am)

As a child, I became obsessed with knowing the lives and achievements of America’s Founding Fathers. I was fascinated with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton and how they contributed to American history. What surprised me was that in efforts to appear more enlightened and avoid taking a direct stance on certain political issues, Founding Fathers such as Hamilton engaged in political cowardice publishing their opinions under the names of famous Greek and Roman authors. And to my surprise, this trend has seen a resurgence here on the banks of the Ol’ Raritan in the form of the Rutgers Conservative Union (and most certainly not in a good way).