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Protect the rights of women

(04/25/12 4:00am)

The Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced in 1923 by Alice Paul, a women’s rights advocate, suffragist and New Jersey native. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., introduced the latest ratification bill (S.J.Res. 21-H.J. Res. 69) on June 22, 2011 — almost 90 years later. The main text of the ERA states, “equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

Do not be afraid to question common sense

(04/24/12 4:00am)

The phrase “common sense” implies that the more correct perception of something is the one that is most commonly shared. But, common sense is not static — it is based on the intellect and knowledge of those who share the common space. Thus, it can sometimes be wrong. And if the wrong perception is treated as the right one, especially by voters or policymakers, we encounter a problem.

Gaza Strip lacks effective leadership

(04/19/12 4:00am)

There are people suffering in Gaza. This is undeniable, and I truly wish it were not the case. The real questions are why this is happening, and how can this situation can be rectified. It is very easy to be blinded by our natural desire to help those who are suffering without first identifying the best way to do so. Misdirection will just encourage the current situation in Gaza to continue.

Tent State wastes student funds

(04/18/12 4:00am)

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Tent State University, a movement started at the University in 2003 as a protest of University spending and other social issues. Students set up tents in the Voorhees Mall on the College Avenue campus for a week where they eat, sleep and discuss different problems plaguing the University. This yearly event has caught on at other universities around the country and has become a national movement for college students to protest different universities’ spending.

Alternate-side parking rules hurt community

(04/16/12 4:00am)

City governments provide numerous rationales for alternate side parking rules, the three main ones being improved traffic flow, encouragement of public transportation, and street cleaning. I’m not sure if these purported justifications are valid in other places or municipalities — I’m only concerned with the rules right here in New Brunswick. I can say with certainty, though, that the city of New Brunswick cites only the third as their purpose in enforcing alternate side parking rules. From the city’s website: “Alternate side parking regulations require motorists to remove their vehicle from one side of the street during a particular time period in order for the street sweeper to clean the curbline.” But is it possible that there is a fourth rationale that I did not list above? Is it possible that by instituting these parking regulations, the town is just seeking a way to increase revenue by writing tickets?

Curb childhood obesity with good habits

(04/16/12 4:00am)

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? I’m up to the challenge to show you that you can. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years. The percentage of children just ages 6-11 who are obese has risen from 7 percent in 1980 to 20 percent in 2008. Some schools have already taken an initiative to tackle the obesity issue by banning sugary snacks and drinks. But according to a recent study, weight gain in children has nothing to do with junk food consumption, but was in fact because of poor eating habits developed at a young age. Most of these children make bad food choices because they are used to eating these fatty, high-calorie foods at home. Parents enable bad eating habits in their children without even knowing it.

Jewish voters still support Obama

(04/12/12 4:00am)

I was surprised a few days ago to see in The New York Times the headline “In Poll, Jewish Voters Overwhelmingly Support Obama.” The poll, conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute from Feb. 23 to March 5, reported that of 1,004 Jewish adults, 62 percent want President Barack Obama to win re-elected. Thirty percent said they would vote for the Republican candidate in November’s presidential election.

Medium parody should be taken lightly

(04/09/12 4:00am)

University students have embraced The Medium since the 1980s for its satirical and comedic content. Since its transition from the newspaper of Livingston College into a weekly entertainment publication, students have consistently been offered the opportunity to read, contribute and admire satirical accounts of University events and its public figures. Readers of The Medium have seen in the past few years a Rutgers University Mounted Patrol horse promoted to detective, former head football coach Greg Schiano replace the football team’s uniforms with ones made of $100 bills, and images of University President Richard L. McCormick blowing up Murray Hall. Throughout the history of The Medium’s journeys into the bizarre and satirical, we have never expected any student to interpret the paper as serious.

Reverse global warming

(04/09/12 4:00am)

The unseasonably warm winter New Jersey experienced this season elevates the debate of global climate change. However, the fact that New Jersey had its fourth warmest winter has done little to prove to students here at the University the reality that our planet is undergoing an unnatural warming. Unfortunately, climate change is but one of many environmental issues that students (and the population as a whole) are ignorant about.

Stop using plastic bags

(04/06/12 4:00am)

Plastic bags are a major environmental hazard, ultimately because of the lack of proper recycling and disposal. Due to plastic pollution, it has been estimated that more than 100,000 marine mammals die every year from consuming plastics, which obstruct any real food from reaching the digestive tract — ultimately killing the animal. Across the United States, cities such as San Francisco and Portland, Ore., have already banned plastic bags and realized the horrendous effect plastic bags have on our lives: Fish that we eat have often ingested small plastic shards, and plastic can leak toxic chemicals into our groundwater. It is time for the University to take a step of action and reduce our plastic consumption.

Bring healthy food trucks to campus

(04/06/12 4:00am)

There has long been a struggle of college life and keeping a healthy diet. In college, students do not have much time between classes to have a sit-down lunch. Many students look for something quick and easy, which leads them to make many unhealthy choices. The University even provides their students with unhealthy choices. In the campus centers, they have Wendy’s and Burger King. How can students resist these places where they can get a lot of food for a small price?

Student activism should be applauded

(04/06/12 4:00am)

The April 3 letter in The Daily Targum titled “Student arrests defame University” makes the argument that Rutgers University Student Assembly President Matt Cordeiro’s arrest in Washington, D.C., along with previous campus efforts such as the “Walk into Action,” are not in line with student interests. The author himself states that the purpose of RUSA is “giving a voice to the student body.” It is unusual that he admits this before presenting a flawed argument that seeks to chastise his representatives for doing exactly that.

Promote unique learning

(04/06/12 4:00am)

From my coaching and tutoring experiences, it is not uncommon for me to hear statements about students from parents and teachers, such as: “S/he’ll start succeeding when s/he starts trying” or “We know s/he can do better.” These statements suggest that when students are failing academically, they are guilty for their performance, even if the problem does not necessarily lie completely with them. As a result, students are driven to accept labels that mark them as deviant or dysfunctional. Many will be mistakenly diagnosed and believe that they have attention deficit disorder or a learning disability.

U. raises awareness at Dance Marathon

(04/05/12 4:00am)

This past weekend was the most amazing weekend of my life. After working for 11 months to prepare for Rutgers University Dance Marathon, I am proud to say that we successfully raised $442,075.06 for the kids. By “we,” I mean not only the Dance Marathon staff and dancers, but also the 77 student organizations and teams that participated this past weekend. And those kids I refer to are the children from Embrace Kids Foundation. These are children with cancer and blood disorders who benefit from the support of non-medical needs that Embrace Kids provides.

Take a closer look at the funny pages

(04/05/12 4:00am)

The Medium, the humor and entertainment magazine at the University, has gone through several incarnations in which its content has changed consistently. It began as the campus newspaper of Livingston College in the 1970s and slowly evolved in the 1980s from one page of humorous content to an entire publication that embraced everything funny and odd about our University.

U. departments must not be jeopardized

(04/04/12 4:00am)

The Graduate Student Organization of the Department of Childhood Studies at Rutgers-Camden stands in unified and vehement opposition to the proposed takeover of Rutgers-Camden by Rowan University. The Camden campus offers significant enrichment opportunities for University students and the larger South Jersey community through its courses, degree programs and community outreach. Amputating the Camden campus from the University would effectively nullify the ability of the campus to continue in its historic mission of serving South Jersey residents.