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LETTER: Joining DSA can help one achieve resistance against Trump

(01/30/17 1:47am)

In the months following President Donald J. Trump’s election, pundits and personalities from across the political spectrum have suggested various strategies for “resisting Trump” and his administration’s policies. I’m going to assume you already disagree with Trump’s policies. Starting there, let’s go over which of these strategies work and which don’t work.

LETTER: Housing decisions should prioritize upperclassmen

(01/23/17 2:38am)

Rutgers' slogan should be “many will enter, few will win,” instead of the bold claim that it is in any way a leader of the revolution of higher education. Based on the treatment of both students and faculty, the University seems to be first and foremost, a business — a sad result of an overly capitalistic society. But this is not a Marxist rant, merely a question as to whether Rutgers is truly as “Revolutionary” as it claims to be. Everyone is familiar with the infamous "RU Screw," and while most are able to jocularly address this incessant frustration, there are some who have truly suffered because of it.

VOTE YES: Targum teaches lessons of responsibility, service

(04/12/16 12:15am)

I finished my tenure as The Daily Targum's editor-in-chief nearly 20 years ago after making it a daily part of my life, from the first week of my first year "on the Banks." A lot of time and experiences later, my tenure in the newsroom at The Daily Targum still impacts my life and my career. Putting out a daily newspaper while being a full-time student was a tremendous effort, and, looking back on it, a minor miracle every day. The responsibility was enormous and required a never-fail approach from more than 20 undergrads at each printing.