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Keep U. campuses united

(01/27/12 5:00am)

When I received my acceptance letter to Rutgers University School of Law-Camden, I was ecstatic. Not only would I be able to receive what I deemed the best legal education my home state of New Jersey had to offer, but I would be able to prolong my time at the University, if only for a little while. You see, I graduated from Rutgers College in 2010, just a brief stroll away from the office of President Richard L. McCormick, right there on the Banks.

Targum editorial mischaracterizes Court

(01/25/12 5:00am)

Since the closing of The Court Tavern in the last week, a lot of us who frequently pulled open the broken front door, laughed and sang in the dimly-lit, foul-smelling basement, and got ushered out the door at 2 a.m. by one disgruntled employee or another have lamented and reminisced in our own ways. Whether we went to see a show, perform in front of our friends and colleagues or were just looking for a beer and some other people, a lot of great nights (and not-so-great nights) were had there, and it’s sad to see such an institution close its doors inde?nitely.

Federal Reserve lacks basic oversight

(01/24/12 5:00am)

If the absence of a token understanding of macroeconomic theory wasn’t enough for a reader to set down their copy of The Daily Targum upon reading the column titled “Ron Paul’s ideas show no logic” yesterday, the author’s lack of grammatical acuity and writing skill was. A cogent and well thought-out argument against the gold standard, support of which is misattributed to Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, can easily be made, but the author fails to make it. Paul happens to believe that a gold-backed currency is far more stable than a debt-backed, fiat currency monopolized by the Federal Reserve — not that it is the best option.

Criticism fails to advance journalistic principles

(01/20/12 5:00am)

The author of the Jan. 19 column, “Plurality begets progress,” clearly believes in the tenets of a fair democratic process and the role journalism plays in it. As a student who is represented by the Rutgers University Student Assembly and has never been an elected part of the Rutgers Student Union, I appreciate such dedication. However, I also appreciate journalistic integrity and a fair approach to the issue that concerns all actors involved, which the author has so far proven himself unable to accomplish.

English Department responds to letter from GSE students

(12/15/11 5:33pm)

The letter printed Dec. 13 in The Daily Targum, titled “English Department fails to address racism” is not accurate and in our opinion, is irresponsible. As far as we know, none of the authors of the article reached out to ask any of us how or whether we had responded to the bias incident that happened in our department.

English department fails to address racism

(12/13/11 5:00am)

This letter, written together by students in the “Race, Ethnicity and Inequality in Education” class at the Graduate School of Education, is meant to express our collective outrage over the act of racism that took place in a University class in the Department of English. We are angry that the faculty has not taken the matter more seriously and wish to demonstrate our support for the students pushing this issue into the light.

RUPA strives to serve diverse tastes of student body

(12/12/11 5:00am)

An opinions Frontlines published on Dec. 2, titled “RUPA concerts fail to account for diverse tastes,” commented on the way the Rutgers University Programming Association picks its musical acts and events, and how we, as an organization, consider the needs of the student body when programming. As per our mission statement, we provide a variety of cultural, educational, recreational and social programs that appeal to the diverse student body across the New Brunswick and Piscataway campuses. We would like to take this time to clarify how we choose our events and our ongoing mission to provide unique experiences to the University community.

Condemn RJ?Reynolds’ treatment of workers

(12/12/11 5:00am)

On behalf of United Students Against Sweatshops, the Rutgers United Student Coalition, Rutgers University Campus Coalition Against Trafficking, and Sociedad Estudiantil Dominicana, we would like to express our gratitude to The Daily Targum and Barnes and Noble for support and cooperation with our efforts to end the University’s business relationships with R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The very same day that John Cusick, general manager of the Barnes and Noble campus bookstores, became aware of the conditions under which migrant workers live and work because of R.J. Reynolds’s operations, we received a phone call confirming that all R.J. Reynolds products were being removed from all of the stores operated by Barnes and Noble on campus. This includes the Student Activities Center and the Rutgers Spirit Shop on the College Avenue campus, the Livingston Convenience Store and the Busch Convenience Store. We hope that Student Life, which operates sales at the Douglass Campus Center and the Cook Campus Center, will soon follow suit.

Consider facts when judging Plan B use

(12/09/11 5:00am)

The Daily Targum printed an editorial yesterday expressing support for the Department of Health and Human Services’ decision to continue requiring a prescription for girls ages 16 or younger to obtain Plan B, the emergency contraception or “morning-after” pill. The writer lists seven side effects of Plan B and notes, “most of these side effects are relatively harmless to the average adult female, but imagine how they could potentially affect the systems of younger women.” Is the writer seriously suggesting that a nine-month pregnancy is a safer, preferable alternative to some lower abdominal pain and breast tenderness, and in a growing teenager — or god forbid, preteen — no less?

Homophobia holds no legitimate intellectual ground

(12/09/11 5:00am)

I did not merely disagree with the Dec. 8 letter titled “Take care in making sweeping condemnations” — I was, in fact, completely disgusted. Not only am I shocked that such a letter was written and published in The Daily Targum, but I am also aghast that the author attempts to argue that homophobia is some sort of intellectualist choice. It reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of how bigotry operates in the political sphere.

BAKA events do no incite hatred on campus

(12/08/11 5:00am)

I am writing this letter to address claims made against the student organization, BAKA: Students United for Middle Eastern Justice, in The Daily Targum article published on Tuesday, “Department of Education to investigate University.” The article discussed the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights’ (OCR) pending investigation of claims made by the Zionist Organization of America concerning anti-Semitism and harassment on campus, which they assert are reflected in “several events by the student group Belief Awareness Knowledge and Action.” No one from BAKA’s executive board was contacted for a statement.

Stand in solidarity against misdoing

(12/07/11 5:00am)

The front windows of Jewish-owned businesses in Highland Park and New Brunswick were found smashed on Tuesday morning. The vandalism struck our campus as well. Rutgers Hillel and Rutgers Chabad, two Jewish chaplaincies on campus, had bricks thrown into their windows. These acts took place a few days earlier over the Thanksgiving weekend. As you may have seen in The Daily Targum on Thursday, a man was arrested and charged for this vandalism.

U.’s part-time lecturers need adequate benefits

(12/06/11 5:00am)

You may recall that on Oct. 25 a letter appeared in The Daily Targum titled, “U. should invest in part-time lecturers.” It was about how part-time lecturers (PTLs) are faring with respect to contract negotiations with the administration. The feedback we received indicated much interest, so I am writing this letter to update you on our status.

Test welfare recipients for substance abuse

(11/30/11 5:00am)

In response to the editorial titled “Mandatory drug tests violate Constitution” in yesterday’s The Daily Targum, the argument that it is a violation of the Fourth Amendment to require a drug test in order to receive federal aid or benefits is debatable. It will not be long until such a case will reach the Supreme Court about this debacle and whether it truly does violate the Fourth Amendment, which grants citizens “the right … to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures.” Receiving federal welfare is an exclusive privilege to citizens that apply for such aid, whether it is in the form of food stamps or unemployment checks. It is, however, not a right to receive these benefits. Driving a motorized vehicle in the United States is a privilege that is subject to strict laws and enforced by civil servants. What makes these two privileges different? Would anyone want people driving on the road if they were under the influence of a controlled substance? Would you want to drive on roads where no one is held accountable for reckless behavior that could jeopardize the safety of those who obey the law? Certain lawmakers are pursuing these drug tests because it will guarantee employed citizens who work hard for their money and that are forced to “donate” a portion of their paychecks, and that the federal aid is not fueling irresponsible, erratic behavior, such as using recreational drug use.

Blame parents for son’s obesity

(11/29/11 5:00am)

In response to yesterday’s editorial, “Negligent parenting does not cause obesity” — are you serious? When I first read the article, I thought today was the Mugrat issue, the joke paper The Daily Targum runs once a semester. Whose fault is it when an 8-year-old boy weighs at 200 pounds? The blame falls squarely on the parents. Who does the grocery shopping? Who prepares the meals? Who is supposed to teach this child proper healthy habits? The parents are, and they are obviously doing a terrible job. An 8-year-old boy is not autonomous enough to make decisions about what he should eat and how much. That is a decision left up to the parents.