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Choose party which serves students' interests

(04/20/11 4:00am)

I am not going to waste space recounting what a good friend Matt Cordeiro has been over the years, even if I do have enough circumstantial evidence to last a lifetime. Matt has always been someone I could count on to lend an ear to listen, a hand to help, and, from time to time, a couch to sleep on. But we do not elect our leaders based on what they do for the people they are close to. We elect them based upon what they will do for us as voters. As a friend, Matt has proven himself worthy of my support, but more importantly, as vice president of RUSA, he has shown himself worthy of the support of every student at the University. I am proud to run on Cordeiro's ticket not because of the conversations he and I have shared, but because the shared vision Rutgers United has for the future of this University.

Pose solutions to save University's tradition

(04/20/11 4:00am)

The undergraduate population at the University received devastating news Tuesday from President Richard L. McCormick announcing that because of security issues, Rutgersfest, a University tradition, will be cancelled indefinitely. This spurred University students to immediately post protest statuses and create Facebook pages like "Ragefest 2012" and "Save Rutgersfest," where thousands of students are planning to party the same way but without the concert portion.

Consider upsides of Rutgersfest cancellation

(04/19/11 4:00am)

Rutgersfest is no more. A scattering of violent thugs and violent drunks took their destructive behavior so far last Friday that President Richard L. McCormick had no choice but to cancel the event for future University students. Current students are a special bunch to say that they were at the last Rutgersfest. Alas, never shall there be another concert/carnival of such a scale at the University.

Student groups benefit University population

(04/19/11 4:00am)

There were two pieces in The Daily Targum yesterday that I respectfully disagree with. The first piece, a column titled "Rutgersfest further damages U.," stated that the University needs to change its image in the wake of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's appearance and Rutgersfest. The second piece, a letter titled "Students deserve control over own money," argues that students should not be forced to pay for events that they do not want — especially ones that have no educational value.

Students deserve control over own money

(04/18/11 4:00am)

While reading yesterday's issue of The Daily Targum, I came across an editorial that got my attention. The piece, titled "Keep student fees mandatory for all," spoke of how the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA) and the University have been vilified in the wake of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi coming to the University. The editorial argues that the school should continue to enforce the tuition fees so that the school may continue to provide students with entertainment, clubs and activities. While this is a noble stance to take, I respectfully disagree.

U. must take precautions, make Rutgersfest safer

(04/17/11 4:00am)

I am someone who does not believe in sugarcoating. When I was a first-year student, I was told that Rutgersfest was a day for University students to let loose, to be entertained by some half-decent music and of course wake up early and start drinking until you can't stand anymore — and that's what it was. But it has evolved into something bigger and much worse. It has become an event for outsiders to crash, a day for non-University students to destroy and impose fear on those students who call the New Brunswick area home.

Consider possibility of war on public education

(04/14/11 4:00am)

I attended a talk by Judge Robert Bork some years ago at Princeton. He was a pivotal figure in former President Richard Nixon administration's post-Watergate collapse. In an attempt to prevent Nixon's office tape recordings from being subpoenaed, Bork acted as Nixon's hatchetman in the "Saturday Night Massacre," the firing of the special prosecutor in charge of investigating the Watergate burglary. The Supreme Court intervened, ordering Nixon to turn over the tapes.

Get involved in struggle for lower college tuition

(04/14/11 4:00am)

The "Walk into Action" on Wednesday united interests throughout the University. Representatives from the New Jersey University Students demonstrated that they are committed to working in the best interests of students. Minority-student groups organized and represented themselves in large numbers, cognizant of the fact that when funding is cut, minorities will be hit harder and faster by the cuts. Union representatives waved signs exclaiming, "power" and "dignity," demonstrating the fact that when students unite with workers, our power multiplies.

Writer issues apology

(04/11/11 4:00am)

I would like to issue an apology to those who were offended by some of the statements I made in yesterday's column "Improve The Daily Targum." I chose my words poorly and did not mean to denigrate columnists, writers and editors who work diligently to bring a large paper to the student population on a regular basis. It was only my hope that more diversity would be pursued in the opinions section, particularly by way of female and minority columnists, and I was merely attempting to encourage this. I am sorry if that was not made clear to all audiences and hope that those involved with the Targum were not offended.

Engage in debate instead of resorting to attacks

(04/11/11 4:00am)

Yesterday's column, "Improve The Daily Targum," has once again proven that Democrats look to arguments and childish bickering rather than proposing solutions or consensual argument on controversial issues. Founded in 1869, the Targum is the second-oldest collegiate newspaper in the United States. It is one of the least biased types of media on campus, and I have seen plenty of large influxes of democratic biases. We do not need to improve the opinion pages in the Targum. What we need is a solid student voice and agreement on campus.

Support diversity of taste in entertainers

(04/11/11 4:00am)

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was brought to the University on March 31 to, in essence, make fun of the way she and the rest of these pop-culture "stars" make their money. What I find rather interesting is there is such extreme push back from other students, members of the University's administration and now absurdly from members of the N.J. legislature. I wonder what right any of these groups have to investigate bringing this comedy group to see fans. If anything should be blamed, it isn't and shouldn't be Rutgers University Programming Association, but rather the sheer demand for having these stars. I've never watched an episode of "Jersey Shore," but I certainly know what it's about. I've heard professors, colleagues, co-workers and other students reference such things as "fist pumping" and the "hair blowout." As much as we might decry the fact these people are famous, they penetrated the essence of popular culture and have now become part of the vernacular of daily life.

Take education as opportunity for self-betterment

(04/10/11 4:00am)

What makes you, me or any of our fellow University students get out of bed in the morning? Why do we leave the warmth of our beds to face our professors, the papers and the ever-encroaching final exam? Many students would respond with the excuse that although they would love to stay in bed all day, they must go to class so that they do not fail. Is this what our experience of higher learning boils down to? With an increasingly competitive job market, a bachelor's degree has become more of a necessity to survive rather than an opportunity for self-betterment. Is the University, the eighth oldest in the nation, merely a place where corporate monkeys are trained for the dog-eat-dog job market? This is the sad reality for a large portion of the student body who do not see their potential for a truly fulfilling educational experience, one where students take pride in their work and the privilege it is to be a member of such a vibrant student body here at the University.

University needs participation, not spectacle

(04/07/11 4:00am)

Following the controversy surrounding Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's visit to the University, a group of students have undertaken a project to bring Bruce Springsteen to campus. The leader of this effort gave his reasoning in Thursday's brief in The Daily Targum titled "Facebook group hopes to draw Springsteen to campus": "[Our] image is tarnished, and bringing someone like Bruce here will help people refresh their thoughts about Rutgers." While I am a longtime fan of Springsteen's music, this effort is completely misplaced. Replacing one N.J. celebrity with another misses the point entirely. The University should not judge the strength of its reputation on the names of the celebrities it can bring to campus. The effort to improve the school by bringing Springsteen trivializes the lessons we can learn from the controversy about Snooki into a shallow argument about which celebrities are "better" for the school.

Students deserve answers for Snooki, Morrison

(04/05/11 4:00am)

Having just transferred to the University, this is my first semester at the State University of New Jersey. I thought the University was a good choice as it is rated pretty high on most ranking lists. Apparently the school does not think that way of itself. With the Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi story came some revealing information. The University actually had to pay for a commencement speaker this year. Is the school not good enough to attract comedians, intellectuals or entrepreneurs without having to pay them? Does the school not have any successful or famous alumni that want to be honored by speaking at their alma mater?s commencement? The big story this past weekend was that Snooki was paid more than the commencement speaker. The University released a statement explaining that the money spent on Snooki was from student fees. The Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA) hired her, and there was admittedly no educational purpose to having her. What really bothered me though was that a commencement speaker at a good state school was getting paid at all. The fact that Snooki was paid $32,000 dollars for doing nothing bothered me too. I don't agree with paying celebrities to come to the University, especially if they have nothing insightful to share. I wish my fees were spent more wisely.