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Hillel extends invite to BAKA

(02/07/11 5:00am)

BAKA: Students United for Middle Eastern Justice wrote that they deserve an apology in yesterday's issue of The Daily Targum. We agree. Rutgers Hillel sincerely apologizes for those individuals who used our peaceful protest as a forum for voicing their prejudice. We do not endorse this type of behavior, and we call out the members of our community who were out of line. In fact, every e-mail and vocal announcement about the rally that went out from Hillel stated, "This protest will be peaceful and civil. We respectfully request that there be absolutely no verbal or physical altercations of any kind ... Those who cannot respect these guidelines are asked not to participate in our protest."

Bible condemns abortion

(02/07/11 5:00am)

To be quite frank, I find it hard to respond in patience and charity to last Friday's column, "No murder occurs in abortion." Not only did it offend me as a Catholic man for stating that a child in a womb is not alive, but it also offended me as an English major for its complete misunderstanding and misquotation of the Bible. The author produces a reading of Job, Ecclesiastes and Genesis that he feels proves that God does not acknowledge people as alive until birth. His argument takes all too literally the phrase "hath not been" to expand a few out of context quotes into "powerful evidence" for his nonsensical belief that people are not alive before they are born. As much as I'd like to go on a rant about how common sense it is that we are alive during our first stages of growth, I feel the best method to continue is to show biblical evidence that disproves the previous author's argument by showing that God does in fact consider children alive in the womb.  

BAKA deserves apology for defamatory accusations

(02/06/11 5:00am)

We are University students of diverse ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds, united in our support for human rights, social justice, anti-racist principles and peace. We stand unequivocally opposed to the slanderous attacks against BAKA: Students United for Middle Eastern Justice for recent Palestine solidarity event programming.

University must better address student needs

(02/03/11 5:00am)

In a remarkably callous act of selfishness, the University — or perhaps more specifically the Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) and Director Jack Molenaar — decided in a stroke of brilliance to, without warning, shut down all campus buses in the middle of Tuesday night including the Knight Mover, effectively stranding dozens of students all across the four campuses without transportation.

Divorce economic policy from state's control

(02/03/11 5:00am)

When the government is given the power — or gives itself the power — to influence the economy in any way, it can only act to serve special interests. It is incapable of promoting production and efficiency better than the individuals in the marketplace. Therefore, a rigid separation between economics and state must be instituted at the highest level of law.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs humane solution

(02/02/11 5:00am)

Monday's column in The Daily Targum, "BAKA must end hateful tactics," mischaracterizes the aims of Saturday's program "Never Again for Anyone," sponsored by the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and endorsed by BAKA: Students United for Middle Eastern Justice and other University groups. This event was about opposing oppression everywhere, including examples from the Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some of what was said was certainly critical of Israeli policies and actions. Such statements are neither hate speech, nor do they represent hateful tactics.

Egyptian people move toward positive change

(02/02/11 5:00am)

When I came to study abroad in Cairo, I did not expect to find myself in the center of the largest revolution Egypt has seen in decades, a movement that may very well change the future of the country and its role in the world. I could not have chosen a more momentous time to learn about key issues in Egypt and witness the beginning of a vital regime change.

Peaceful resolution requires compassion

(01/31/11 5:00am)

There are three major obstacles on the road to conflict resolution and reconciliation, and ultimately to a better future for all parties involved: The desire to win, the need to be vindicated and the quest for retribution. While being rooted in intrinsic human urges and needs, they are irrevocably futile and counter-productive. All three impediments are flagrantly exposed in the mounting tensions around BAKA: Students United for Middle Eastern Justice group's activities on campus and the reactions they invoke. Unfortunately, instead of dialogue and understanding, animosity and misconstruction rule while ineffective means and bad counsel defeat good intentions.

Sensational rhetoric minimizes suffering

(01/30/11 5:00am)

As a Jew, a University alumnus and a student of history, I was deeply offended by Thursday's letter in The Daily Targum titled "BAKA encourages justice, not hate." The author sought to equate the 1948 Arab-Israeli War's effects on the Palestinians to the suffering of Jews in the Holocaust. Contrary to the author's assertions, being displaced in war-time is not equivalent to the Holocaust. In fact, compared to the Holocaust, I think the Jews of Europe would have been quite thrilled at the chance to simply be displaced from their homes. In an age where Holocaust and Nazi comparisons are thrown around quite liberally, I feel it is important to stand up to this abuse of history. Making such unjustified comparisons erodes the significance of the Holocaust and the suffering of its victims.

Choose peace, bring about justice

(01/30/11 5:00am)

I am a Jew who believes in a free Palestine. Does that mean I embody a contradiction? I don't think so. My grandfather, a Buchenwald concentration camp survivor, who lost his mother, father and younger sister in the Holocaust, believed in the need for a Jewish homeland, but he never said anything about that need infringing on the rights of the Palestinian people to retain their own homeland. I am inclined to agree with him. After all, if a man who lost everything because of hate tells me to love everyone unconditionally, who am I to disagree?

U. needs better communication methods

(01/30/11 5:00am)

Following the heavy snow storms New Brunswick experienced at the end of the past week, I have come to the realization that the University still fails to deliver critical information to students. I was told by a friend in my residence hall Thursday evening that the University's Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) issued an announcement on their webpage indicating that students living on Livingston and the College Avenue campuses had to move their cars from Lots 101, 103 and 105 to the Yellow lot at the Rutgers Athletic Center by 10 p.m. that night or risk being ticketed and towed, due to scheduled snow removal. This warning would have been acceptable if it was actually more clearly declared.

BAKA must apologize for misleading students

(01/27/11 5:00am)

An alleged "human rights" group that is no stranger to radicalism and controversy perpetrated their latest outrage Jan. 20 on our University campus. BAKA: Students United for Middle Eastern Justice — the student activist group that purports to stand for justice in the Middle East — partnered with several other student groups to bring to campus what may be the single most offensive event ever held at the University.

BAKA encourages justice, not hate

(01/27/11 5:00am)

As an organization committed to principles of social justice, human rights and anti-racism, BAKA: Students United for Middle Eastern Justice is appalled at the fabrications and inflammatory accusations published in yesterday's letter in The Daily Targum, "Fight anti-Semitic thought, speech." The author accuses BAKA of anti-Semitism for endorsing an upcoming event titled "Never Again for Anyone." Had the author provided more details, it would be clear his accusations are baseless polemic.

Take part in logical argumentation, criticism

(01/27/11 5:00am)

With the way the word "anti-Semitism" has been thrown around lately, it has become increasingly difficult for me to believe that individuals are aware of the word's actual definition rather than the politicized connotation it has acquired for the sake of promoting a political agenda. A Semite is any person who is a member or descendent of a group of people originating from ancient Southwestern Asia. Moses, a Hebrew, was a Semite. Jesus, a Palestinian, was a Semite. On top of that, not all Jews are Semites. Ashkenazi Jews, for instance, originated from Germany before immigrating to other parts of the world. The term "Semite" has a much broader definition than the one we have become familiar with.

Understand RUSA Allocations Board's processes

(01/27/11 5:00am)

We, the Rutgers University Student Assembly Allocations Board, would like to explain who we are, what we do and a new program we are launching. By doing so, we hope to clear up any misconceptions or worries regarding our mission. We are a panel of University students who are not elected so we do not represent any specific constituency in the student body, although the RUSA treasurer — who is democratically elected — oversees and examines our decisions to ensure student funds are allocated appropriately. Anyone from the general student body is allowed to apply to become a board member, and there are various different positions held on our board. We follow the conventional club hierarchy. We have a chair, vice chair, treasurer, a public relations team responsible for fostering our relationship with other clubs, a secretary and so on.