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MEHTA: Switch to digital LSAT will exacerbate inequities, lacks foresight

(09/09/19 4:07am)

When Lori Laughlin became the face of a college admissions scandal in March, America felt some sense of justice. She had bribed USC recruiters $500,000 to admit her daughters into their school, outwardly committing the crime that most wealthy parents avoid by simply donating buildings and sports stadiums to their children’s institutions. 

SURIANO: Britian's Brexit breaks political system, process

(09/09/19 4:13am)

In the wake of the 2016 election and the subsequent three years of American politics, many have turned a jealous eye toward more polished countries such as Canada, France or Britain. In recent months, the Canadian government has been rocked with scandal, the streets of Paris were paralyzed with the so-called “yellow vest” protest and now finally our closest ally, Britain, has been trapped by the gordian knot of Brexit. 

Leyzerovych: National scandal: Reflections on Trump’s immigration policies, nation’s sovereignty

(09/03/19 4:00am)

For the past eight years I have been continuously bombarded — but in all truth I have bombarded myself out of sheer curiosity and a bit of philosophical masochism — with a hail of sociocultural conundrums regarding my existence as an immigrant in modern America. 

EDITORIAL: Insensitive tuition increase reflects U.'s decline

(05/04/19 1:23am)

We cannot simply withdraw into a dark age of disconnection and disengagement. We are no longer just the beneficiaries of the generations before us waiting for a seat at the table, and we are no longer mere bystanders to the political discourse in this country. We are members of the Rutgers community, a microcosm of the world in which we cannot blindly inherit the corrosive trends of our declining direction. 

JAWED: All-nighters for finals are counterproductive

(05/04/19 1:26am)

Pulling all-nighters before final exams seems like the logical thing to do. At least in my experience. I keep hearing that sleep is important, but when push comes to shove the night before the exam and I feel unprepared, sleeping is the last thing on my mind. It just makes more sense to stay up, cram and walk into the exam knowing that I at least covered everything even if I barely got any sleep.