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Christie strongest candidate for NJ governor

(11/03/09 5:00am)

As the vice president of the Rutgers College Republicans, I admit to feeling obliged to support Republican candidate for whom I have lukewarm feelings. Too often voters of all stripes are forced to decide between the better of two evils. This often leaves a bitter taste in voters' mouths. Fortunately, New Jersey citizens have a candidate for governor whom they can support proudly. I have strongly supported Chris Christie for governor since the beginning of the process. Of course, I was immediately attracted to his candidacy because I knew he could win, but the more I have followed him, and the more I have heard him speak, the more ardent my belief is that he would make a great governor. I hope all Rutgers students who care about the environment, taxes, spending, corruption and job creation voted for Christie-Guadagno.

Change is inevitable, but can America survive as a 'peaceful power'

(11/05/08 5:00am)

By the time you're reading this, the next president of the United States will have been swept into office by the largest American voter turnout in history. Right now, the future of the country is more on the minds of the American people than ever before. As good an indicator of the excitement as any is the 300-plus point surge the Dow underwent during trading yesterday. Watching the MSNBC pre-game show, there is unanimous agreement on at least one point: This is the most important election in U.S. history. Ask yourself why that is? What is at stake? Increasingly, we as a people are realizing that the time-honored tradition of American global supremacy is in danger. From a historical perspective, we see this as a critical moment in time where our actions and the actions of our leaders will come to define our continued prosperity or eventual decline. With that in mind, we propose to consider the coming challenges facing the American people, and of course, our new president, whomever he may be. What are the dangers we face, and how should they be addressed?