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NUNDA: Many find alternatives to entering labor force

(03/14/19 4:00am)

"Nobody wants to work, but capitalism is an ugly beast,” East Bay artist Rayana Jay proclaimed to Pacific Standard two weeks ago. Her words, although simple, are straightforward and just about sum up the majority of the working middle-class mentality. Does anyone honestly really want to work? Probably not. If given the opportunity to retire and still remain well-off at an early age I am almost positive there would be a large amount of individuals jumping at the opportunity. But, we live in 21st-century America and no one seems to be offering handouts any time soon.

O'BRIEN: We must consider value of neoliberalism

(03/14/19 4:00am)

I am a neoliberal. Yes, that philosophy everyone Left, Right and center seems to despise actually has a small but growing number of adherents. While the term is one of the most popular punching bags in American politics, particularly after the 2016 election, most of what you know about it is probably wrong. It will be impossible to address, point-by-point, the unfair attacks leveled at this political viewpoint, but it is deserving of at least a philosophical defense.

EDITORIAL: We must solidify First Step, take next step

(03/13/19 4:00am)

A new day was meant to dawn. But the apparent rising sun of progress and reform seems more and more to be only a mirage of a society lost in a desert without the free-flowing waters of justice. We passed the First Step Act at the end of last year, a historic criminal justice reform bill meant to unleash the tides of change that was, in light of its namesake, the first step in addressing the inequality and injustices of our nation’s criminal justice system.