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EDITORIAL: We must solidify First Step, take next step

(03/13/19 4:00am)

A new day was meant to dawn. But the apparent rising sun of progress and reform seems more and more to be only a mirage of a society lost in a desert without the free-flowing waters of justice. We passed the First Step Act at the end of last year, a historic criminal justice reform bill meant to unleash the tides of change that was, in light of its namesake, the first step in addressing the inequality and injustices of our nation’s criminal justice system. 

OLAYEMI: Students’ inhibitions leave for spring break

(03/13/19 4:00am)

As Rutgers embarks on its "do not ask, do not tell" week of trouble-making, mischief and potentially poor decision making, I cannot help but think about how significant the concept of spring break has become to our age demographic. A conversation that I was having with a few friends led to one of them posing the question: Is spring break really an excuse to wild out? By “wild out,” I mean go nuts, behave in a substantially less concerned manner, partake in scandalous or taboo activities, etc. 

GUVERCIN: College experience is fundamental to our development

(03/14/19 4:00am)

Throughout our lives, we have been exposed to an abundance of opinions regarding college and what it entails in a person’s life. We have heard people say it is the best four years of our lives, the worst four years of our lives and even the four years of our lives that we will never be able to remember. Despite our personal opinions regarding how fun or horrible college is, it is incontrovertibly one of the most critical points in life in the context of both academic and personal development. 

New details emerge in basketball player incident involving 7 charges

(03/12/19 4:37pm)

Issa Thiam, a School of Arts and Sciences junior and Rutgers men's basketball player, who The Daily Targum reported yesterday was charged with seven counts of crimes, has been accused of slapping a woman in the face a half-dozen times and swinging a kitchen knife at her when she refused to give up her cell phone, according to an article by NJ Advance Media. 

Rutgers study is developing new materials to detect environmental hazards

(03/12/19 4:33pm)

A new study by Rutgers researchers titled “Highly Efficient Luminescent Metal–Organic Framework for the Simultaneous Detection and Removal of Heavy Metals from Water” is looking to develop new materials to detect environmental hazards that can be toxic and can be present in substances, such as our water supply.  

Rutgers alumnus talks experience serving as chairman for Bernie Sanders, progressive politics

(03/12/19 2:15pm)

In an interview with The Daily Targum, John Wisniewski, a Rutgers alumni, Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former New Jersey assemblyman, discussed progressive politics, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and advice for students interested in running for office.