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Barchi says he weighs both sides in athletic's finances controversy

(04/18/19 4:51am)

University President Robert L. Barchi has heard the complaints about Rutgers Athletic’s spending, particularly the issue that the department receives more financial support from the University’s operating budget and student fees than just about any other major-level school on an annual basis, according to an article by NJ Advance Media. 

Making space: Muslim artists hold panel on creative careers

(04/18/19 4:00am)

The Muslim Feminists for the Arts hosted an Artist Career Panel on Tuesday, April 16 at the Kathleen W. Ludwig Global Village Living Learning Center on Douglass campus. The event included a guest panel of three Muslim artists that taught the attendees various skills from how to make your own web-series to the basics of Arabic calligraphy. When I walked into the room, I felt a candid and amicable atmosphere wash over me. People laughing, talking and encouraging each other to eat made me feel welcomed. 

NUNDA: Oil drilling plans must continue to be opposed

(04/18/19 5:32am)

In 2019, the population still faces problems involving oil drilling. While one part of the country strives towards a greener, more efficient future, the other half continues to push back with their environmentally harmful ways. Just recently President Donald J. Trump attempted to open up the Arctic in an attempt to further the hunt for what seems to be the earth’s gold mine: oil. We are almost into the second decade of the 21st century and fossil fuels are still being sought after, even with the knowledge of its detrimental impact on the environment as well as its lack of renewability. 

O'BRIEN: GOP no longer has vision for governance

(04/18/19 5:39am)

Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan — who left office just four months ago but who already feels like a distant figure from another political era — famously said he viewed politics as a “battle of ideas,” a substantive competition between well-intentioned people to solve public problems. While there was ample reason to question his commitment to this vision in practice, Ryan presented himself as a serious wonk with big ideas to reform America’s tax system and social safety net. 

AHMED: End of semester marks start of beautiful month of Ramadan

(04/18/19 5:35am)

The end of the semester is slowly coming upon us. The weather is gradually starting to get nicer as the spring weather is truly starting to kick in here at Rutgers. Cherry blossoms and daffodils have been spotted all around campus, and though everyone wants to try and enjoy the beautiful magic that comes with nature, everyone is busy. 

EDITORIAL: NJ law banning conversion therapy remains

(04/17/19 4:41am)

The fields of medicine and science are not immune to the manipulation of prejudice. Etched into our American history are medical practices targeting certain groups under the guise of scientific justification. Without a wholesale rejection of empiricism, there must be an acknowledgement of the reality that implicit and explicit biases can drive scientific conclusions to legitimize horrific acts of degradation, dehumanization and social harm.

COMMENTARY: Right to return of Palestinians must be preserved, upheld

(04/18/19 5:42am)

International law recognizes the right of refugees to return to their homes after displacement. Therefore, the right of return is non-negotiable for Palestinians as it is the crux of the struggle for freedom from occupation. The concept of Palestinian right of return calls for the return of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to their homeland. It serves as the bedrock of the struggle against the vicious eviction of an indigenous people from their homes. 

Price's training regimen pushes Rutgers rowing to first national rank

(04/17/19 4:26am)

When head coach Justin Price took over the Rutgers rowing team in 2017, he inherited the University's largest roster of Division I women athletes. Coming to the east coast from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Price, in one year, molded that group of women into the program’s highest-achieving team ever with program bests at the Big Ten Championships.