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Founders’ intentions on gun control often miscontrued

(09/13/13 4:00am)

Last Friday, a 10-year-old boy in Philadelphia was the victim of a murder-suicide. His father shot him, his mother and then himself, though the mother was wounded. The day before, a 12-year-old was accidentally shot by his 15-year-old cousin while the two were playing with guns. The cousin did not know the gun was loaded. Neither event is unique. Since the mass shooting at Sandy Hook, there have been over 7,900 reported gun deaths. Almost 400 of those were teens and another 150 were children 12 and under. These are only reported shooting deaths — suicides committed with firearms are not always reported. This raises a question: When are we going to start talking seriously about gun violence in this country?

Sex-positive feminism cloaks patriarchal notions

(09/11/13 4:00am)

From the promiscuous brigade of “Slutwalkers” to Femen, the topless white saviors of womankind, sexual liberation is resurging as a means for women to have authority over their sexualities, thus wresting control from men who have long possessed female sexuality for their own self-serving purposes. Unfortunately in an attempt to make feminism sexy and accessible — transforming the movement from stereotypical hair-legged hippie lesbians to high-heeled powerful sex goddesses — sex-positive feminism ends up missing the point.

Mandatory social events are well-intentioned but suck

(09/10/13 4:00am)

This past week, I moved from living amidst the whims and naiveté of youth to the great frontier of adulthood: entering college. I am ready to live on my own, make vital life decisions with little or no advice from my elders and face both academic and personal trials and tribulations. But before I begin, I have to put on my Superman costume. We’re having s’mores and ice-breaker activities outside. I think there might be pizza.

Remember our third parties in elections

(09/09/13 4:00am)

Hunting down a Rutgers bus from a distance of fifty feet, just to have it close its doors on you the moment you arrive has become a University pastime. The countless laughs you share when you retell your fateful tale of how you were late to class are always a great joy. These everyday occurrences become second nature, and soon, they become mundane, unavoidable facts of life.

Syrian intervention will reassert American failure abroad

(09/06/13 4:00am)

Yesterday the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by New Jersey’s own Democratic Senator Robert Menendez, passed a resolution for military action in Syria by a 10-7 vote. The success of this call for action comes in light of news from the Obama administration that the Assad Regime in Syria killed at least 1,400 of their own people as the country continues to struggle through its two-year long civil war. In June, President Barack Obama pledged support for the rebels who have been known to have Al Qaeda influence. Next week the Senate will vote on the resolution, which is a “compromise” after the president could not accumulate enough support for his more open-ended military proposal. Today, America is looking at jumping into another bloodbath in the Middle East.

Social networking gives false sense of privacy

(03/14/13 4:00am)

While I was browsing the Internet this morning, a pop-up on my Facebook page informed me that my privacy settings were not very high. So, while I looked for a way to adjust them, I found this little icon in that corner that read Privacy Settings. I was just about to click it when I suddenly stopped and chuckled. I thought to myself: Is it really worthwhile, setting privacy on a social networking site? Isn’t it almost ironic?