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Five tips for mastering 'Neko Atsume'

(02/23/16 1:01am)

You downloaded Neko Atsume in a moment of boredom during a lengthy bathroom break. Now, this is your life — catering to virtual cats. Despite your friends and family insisting you have a serious problem, you know you can stop at any time you want. But before you delete the app, you need to collect all of the game’s rare cats. This, and only this, will allow you to fill the void in your heart that was created when your childhood cat, Mittens, ran away while you were at camp.

How to spend Valentine's Day with your cat

(02/11/16 11:23pm)

It’s Valentine’s Day, and your friend Becky is spending her night on a romantic dinner with her serious boyfriend of five years. But your night will be better, spent connecting on an emotional level with your cat, Mittens. So, curl up on the couch with your furry friend right meow and read these tips on how to have a claw-some Valentine’s Day. 

Professors protest use of Academic Analytics in faculty, department assessments

(01/20/16 4:54am)

In 1996, as part of his research as a professor, David Hughes constructed a map of 17 households considered to be within the Rusitu Botanical Reserve. His map showed that people lived there before the national park was legally declared, and as a result, the National Parks Department ceased threatening residents with eviction.