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Tea party hides behind patriotism

(10/05/10 4:00am)

The resurgence of political conservatism is no surprise in America. Since the dawn of the two-party system in America, the prominence of political parties have ebbed and flowed as national demands have. Shifts of power in Congress and the White House happen regularly, normally in shifts of two to three congressional terms or up to two presidential terms. It is then expected for a republican/conservative influx in the next few years to take place.

Learn true meanings of words

(09/20/10 4:00am)

Words have power. Anyone who has been the victim of grade school or high school bullying can attest to that, cruel words of others can have a harsh, lasting psychological effect. By the time these children become young adults and enter the world of higher education — college, that is — most have grown beyond the point in their lives where petty bullying and physical harassment are unnecessary for social well-being. Despite the equality that should pervade every college campus, if not every American town, tacit discrimination is becoming more and more prominent. Most of the offenders have no idea that what they're saying is offensive, and the ones who do have some ill-formed logic to try to make them seem innocuous. But, derogatory terms describing gay people are finding themselves increasingly commonplace in our vernacular, which is shocking not only due to this generation's lack of creative vocabulary, but at the underlying implications about gays that the words carry while flung about with ease.

Respect religious freedom

(09/06/10 4:00am)

Remember the "Little Albert" experiment notorious in psychology textbooks? It started in 1920 when John B. Watson, a researcher at Johns Hopkins began a conditioning experiment on an 11-month old baby — he would introduce the child to white, fluffy objects and eventually play a loud, frightening sound while each object (namely, a white rat) was introduced. The child began to associate the fear of the loud noise with the white rat and then, by extension, projected that fear onto all things white or fluffy: rabbits, cotton balls, even a man in a Santa Claus costume. After the conditioning was finished, "Little Albert" was taken out of the hospital experiments, and no de-conditioning took place. Due to the anonymity of the study, it is unknown when or if the child overcame the fear.